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after i cool my wort and pour into primary I usually don't use the screen thing on my funnel to strain out any sediment in my wort. Is that bad? Should I use the screen?

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I tried using the screen but it got plugged up!
You should be ok without the screen.

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it will all settle pretty good. once you get ready to bottle you can transfer all but the trub on the bottom to the secondary fermenter or your bottling bucket.
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You'll be fine. I don't use any sort of screen either. The vast majority of the particulate settles out in primary. What doesn't drop out there is left behind in secondary.

Just to be clear, I'm talking extract batches here. I'm not an AG brewer (yet) so I don't know if that would make using a screen more important.


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I tried both methods when extract brewing and saw no difference in the final product. Obviously you do end up with somewhat less trub in your primary when you filter it, but it will eventually settle out either way.
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I too had clogging problems with the fine mesh filter that came with my funnel. But still I do like to get as much gunk out before hand. I use a regular metal kitchen strainer. I use a small pan or pyrex measuring cup to scoop the wort out of the kettle then pour through the strainer into the funnel. It does fill up (mostly with hops) a few times in the process but then I rinse with top off water and dump. I figure this gets a bunch of solids out of my wort before it becomes beer and provides needed aeration to the wort as I dump it into primary.

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I have a fermentor where the top happens to be the perfect fit for a large strainer I have. So when I pour my wort into that fermentor I just put the strainer in place and pour away. Beer I've made using the strainer looked pretty clear when I transfers to my bottling bucket.

My other fermentor's opening is way too big (just a bucket). I am hoping what everyone says about everything dropping to the bottom is correct. Cause I'll find out in a few days if not using a strainer will make a difference (first time using this new fermentor bucket).

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Or you could whirlpool (search for it) then rack to the primary. I use this: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f51/chea...-gadget-68218/ to aerate which works awesome.


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