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I just bottled a batch of cider. I had planned on using 5 oz. of corn sugar to prime the five gallon batch for bottling, but then my "creativity" got the best of me. I decided to use some frozen apple concentrate as part of the priming sugar. I checked the label and did some calculations on the fly... I figured 28 grams of sugar is about an ounce, so a can of apple concentrate and 4 oz. of corn sugar should be about right. It didn't occur to me until about two days later that the 28 grams of sugar (from the apple juice label) was 28 grams per serving. Turns out there are six servings per can. So I essentially added ten ounces of fermentable sugar to a five gallon batch of cider just prior to bottling. I may have also added an unmeasured (but relatively small, I think) amount of honey to the bottling bucket.

I've got a fridge I can move these to, and they'll probably be consumed pretty soon thereafter, but how soon do I need to do this? Will the excess sugar cause them to carbonate more quickly than the week or two it usually takes, or will it just cause them to over-carbonate if left too long?


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Ya might just want to dig a fox hole and jump in......make sure you count the don't want any suprises when you stick your head back up.
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Originally Posted by Displaced MassHole View Post
Ya might just want to dig a fox hole and jump in......make sure you count the don't want any suprises when you stick your head back up.
you only doubled the requirement... you should be ok if you keep them in the fridge and keep the carbonation to a slow rate... it works rather well that way actully if you have the pacients to wait a month or possiably 6 weeks for a carb, but your chances of loseing one while in the fridge is quite low....

.... that said... you might want safty glasses and a riot sheild if you let them get above say 50 degrees for more then an hour or so... so just get them out when you want them and relieve teh pressure while its still cold... there is a good side to this... your carbonation will be very very steady... possiably explosive... but steady... At room temp you got less then 4 days from when you first carbed them...(say that room temp is 65 Degrees F)... good luck... and buy a flack jacket

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I usually add just acan of concentrate to 5 gallons for priming. So you are a little on the high side. If they're not in champagne bottles I'd keep em cold.
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