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Originally Posted by Rehlgood
This is going to secondary on Friday. What is the best way to dry hop? In a bag? Straight in the carboy? In a keg?
I've always been a fan of hops straight into the carboy. Primarily because I don't want any influence in flavor from something like a cheesecloth. It's ok in the boil, but I hesitate to throw in a cheesecloth to my fermenting brew. Even the slightest dust, dirt, or whatever can tweak the brew in an unknown way. I like to eliminate variables.
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Originally Posted by idigg View Post
Brewed this tonight and ended up with 1.085 FG and 6 gallon post boil. This is the first time for me making an IIPA, and I learned a lesson LOL I dumped all 6 gallons in a 6.5 gallon bucket, on top of a clean US05 cake. 20 minutes later wort is foaming out of airlock. Hooked up a blow off tube right away and put it in a rubbermaid container with cold ice packs, holy crap. RDWHAHB? I hope the lid doesn't rip off tonight
I've been meaning to get around to this recipe for some time and after what I just did for my 29 lb grain barleywine, I think I will go the same route for the Tits-Up: rescale the recipe for two 3.5 gallon batches (mayb3 4.0 gallon) and put into two 5 gallon glass carboys for primary, then combine into a 6 gallon glass carboy for secondary. Helps not only with giving me extra room in my 8 gallon boil kettle but also eases the mashing and dealing with sludge loss when transferring.

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Oct 2012
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UUMMMM............... this looks RE-GAT-DAMDICKULOUS....

deffinetely doin this soon...very soon

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I deleted the last picture because of the filter used. Here's a better one.

Click image for larger version

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This was my first time making a beer this large so I figured my normal 70-72% efficiency would be down a bit, more like the 64 that the recipe was designed for.

Managed to still hit 70+% so needless to say my gravity is a bit high. Add to that my boil off was a bit higher than normal...

6 gallons of 1.090 wort will soon be bubbling away in my basement tonight. I just got done cleaning up.
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Originally Posted by StainlessBrewing View Post
I deleted the last picture because of the filter used. Here's a better one.

Attachment 84031
That looks outSTANDING!!!

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Well Damn, This is good...... Thanks BierMuncher
Click image for larger version

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Just discovered the recipe section of the forum.

This looks a lot like the ipas and double ipas ive been brewing up. Ive found I like to stay away from the medium or darker crystals. Even c40 im not too fond of for beers with the columbus.cascase.amarillo.citra.centennial type hops. Honey malt and c10 to 20 with varying amounts of sugar so the beer finishes dry is a match made in heaven. I tend to stay away from any other specialty malts and stick with vienna or munich for part of the base if im looking for a different malt profile. I must say, MO is really peaking my interest instead of the standard 2row for the majority of my base malt.

I never had a beer judged but am pretty confident my ipas would do well if this one did. Maybe this will be my first brew of a recipe other than my own.

Looks good muncher

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Overshot a bit, but even the wort tastes great. Can't wait to sit down with a pint of it.
Click image for larger version

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has anyone tried brewing thsi with 2 row? 18lbs of MO at my LHBS will be the death of my wallet. 2 row i have on hand from group buys, i suppose it will lose some biscuitty flavors hmmm
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