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Nov 2008
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Hello first off i would like to say hello to everyone as this is my first post. I have been making ciders around 6 months now and have been trying alot of yeasts. The one i like the best is safale-04 the thing is with this yeast is it
starts fermenting within 12 hours of pitch. It ferments strong for around 4-5 days than stops. I have checked the sg and it will be around 1.000 to .997 it verys from batch to batch. It will sit for a couple of days with no airlock activity. then the lees kind of puffs up and start to ferment again real hard but this time the yeast puts on quite a show? it looks like a lava lamp stringing up and down with all its movement. has anyone else had this kind of thing happen? It always turns out great? None of all the other yeasts i have tryed have ever done this just the S-04 and every time i have used it. around eight to ten times? I have eight one gal. batchs of diferent one going all the time.If i could figure out how to post a pic i would add a few for you to see.thanks

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I have had this happen on my batch of cider with s-04, very interesting indeed, still turns out good in the end.
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S-04 is a rather interesting yeast, agressive, and active and fast... much like my favorite yeast LV-118 but that has more of a tendancy to look more like a snow storm most of the time, with the yeast particals moving in sort of a constant snog globe like effect, its very hipnotic to watch... I have noticed S-04 to have a lava lamp like quality and the little puffs from the yeast cake can be quite violent... S-04 ferments with a lower ABV in my experience but the batchs i have done it with all turn out very well and i have no complaints... i often wanted to make a screen saver which showed interestign yeast fermentations... i had one once it was an online cider yeast which released little bloobs of less into the cider and they would flost up toward the surface and they would burst about 1/2-3/4 of the way up the fermenter and spread out and fall back to the bottom, always accompied by a rampent ammount of bubbles... Yeast watching is very entertaining

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