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Dec 2008
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Is it possible to carbonate my freshly brewed beer into a big 2 liter 7up bottle? They seem to take quite a bit of pressure, but I'm not about to try this if I can't find someone who has had success in the past.

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Aug 2008
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Yip Yip.. go ahead.. I do it all the time

Well I dont use &up but I use the clear bottles.. same thing.. Just keep it out of the light to prevent skunkyness..

Also (if its a 2L) you will want to drink it pretty quick when you open it to prevent it from getting flat..

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Just bottle like normal. Make sure that you plan on drinking that whole 2 liter though, because it will go stale quick after you open it.

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Sep 2008
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In Oct ran out of bottle caps and did not want to throw out 2 liters of good Belgian Wit so put it in a 2 liter bottle and carbed up great. Had it with friends this past week and enjoyed it. Looking at doing this with one or two bottles with every batch in the future. Anyone know a "how to" to add one of those small CO2 canisters and a tap to these types of bottles to make a mini TAD?

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I have a friend who carbs in 2 liter Club Soda Bottles. He buys the club soda for $0.79 a bottle at a local grocery store. Real easy to clean and no odor.

He primes each 2 liter bottle with dry cane sugar (a tablespoon plus a little more is the usual amount), then fill with beer up to about 1.5 inches from the top. Then squeeze the sides to make the beer come up just to the lip and screw on the cap - this eliminates all air and gives the bottle room to handle the carbonation pressure. Give them a shake to dissolve the sugar, then let them sit until they are as hard as a rock and they're good to go.

I've had his beers and they rock. The sediment will settle into little caverns in the bottom of the bottle and after a few days in the fridge, they will stay put pretty well as they harden and stick to the bottom.

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When I keg a batch, I usually rack some to a 2 liter soda bottle. Using a cabonator cap, I force carb the bottle with my CO2 tank. That way, I can get a taste of the new batch right away.

Getting the soda smell out is easy. Put a little oxyclean in the bottle with a little warm water. Shake the crap out of it, then fill the rest of the way with warm water and let the bottle sit for a couple of days. Repeat if needed (cola has a harder smell to remove, 7-Up and Sprite come clean easy).

That is also a good way to carry some beer around. I took some cream ale and dunkel weissen to my parents Christmas Eve that way.

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Jul 2007
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A brewer buddy makes carbonator caps with a stainless Schrader valve (tire valve). Gives the beer a shot from the CO2 tank after filling. Works great for taking a small amount of beer to a party or the riverbank.
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I get 1-2 uses out of 2L soda bottles. The club soda bottles work much better overall, because they have thick walls, they last almost indefinitely so I prefer those.
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I know nobody likes reviving old threads, but I didn't want to post a new one.

Wouldn't it stand to truth that after opening the bottle, you could squeeze the air out of it and re-cap/refrigerate it with no air in it and lose little/no carbonation?

Considering doing this with a batch that I believe is infected, but still want to bottle/let sit. But sanitizing 50+ bottles and possibly needing to dump/clean them in the near future seems far less appealing than the ol' club soda bottles I've been saving.

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Originally Posted by Hikeon3 View Post
I know nobody likes reviving old threads, but I didn't want to post a new one.

Wouldn't it stand to truth that after opening the bottle, you could squeeze the air out of it and re-cap/refrigerate it with no air in it and lose little/no carbonation?
Not really. Did you ever open a two day old bottle of soda? Generally flat, but maybe with some fizz.

Another issue is just the act of pouring it can mix up some sediment, as well as oxidize it.

If you keg, though, you can just use a carbonator cap and blast it with some CO2. If you don't keg, you'll have to drink it fairly quick. 2L isn't really very much anyway- only about 3-4 beers, right?
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