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Oct 2008
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E. Atria-

I think the cold crashing tactic would only work if you are kegging the cider. Fermentation would just pick back up again after you take it out of the fridge/colder environment.

Seeing how you didn't add sugar, it won't be 10 ABV. If I were you I would try to hold out a little longer before bottling. Another week if you can. If you give them away as Christmas gifts just tell people to wait a bit for carbonation. I'll be telling everyone the same for my cider that I give out.

The only surefire way to know that it is ready, however, is when the hydrometer reads the same for several days in a row.

PS Wonderful show on Friday (Jason says says we set the record for most people in and out of CG). Small internet, ain't it?

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Nov 2007
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Not sure how you get the 2-5 range... Almost any yeast will take a cider to complete dryness, so conservatively assuming your cider's SG is only 1.040 and you only ferment it to 1.000, then you are still sitting at 5.3% Most juice's I've seen are a bit higher than 1.040 and all of my brews have gone below 1.000.

As a reference, EdWort's Apfelwein is 5 gal's of juice and 2 lbs of dextrose. And it leads to around 9%
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Apr 2007
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hey dav8dav,

fancy meeting you here. The hydrometer is almost at 1.000 I'm going to give it till next sunday, as the airlock is still bubbling about every 35 seconds. We'll see

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Oct 2008
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Just my 2 cents here. I'm on my 4th batch of Cider. I have been adding between 4-6 lbs of sugar. But it seems things clear pretty well between 6-8 weeks. As I have bottled my first two batches one at week 5 and one at week 4 due to the fact that I had no secondary which totally sucked. I have three carboys now....

I'll post a pic of a few bottles at week 6 here tonight if you want.

When my next two batches go into the carboys then I'll be happy (watching them clear). I'm thinking I really haven't had anything close to decent yet after reading here and I liked what I've gotten so far.

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