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Apr 2006
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Im contemplating doing a Bavarian Weizen, and have a few questions since I am tinkering with a recipe a bit so that I dont have all kinds of leftovers the ingredients are obviously not sized exactly for my batch. Im using the Promash evaluation program to adjust as needed, and this will be an extract recipe. I have set my Batch size to 5 gal, wort size to 2 gal, with the evaporation rate set to 0.5 gal per hour, so starting with 2.5 gal in the pot with a 1 hour boil. Pellet hops and LHB guy says they are 4.3% AA. Here is what I was thinking:

Wheat DME 5.5 pounds (88%)
Generic light DME 0.75 pounds (12%)

0.5oz 60min Tettnang (4.3%)
1.0oz 30min Tettnang (4.3%)
0.5oz 02min Tettnang (4.3%)

If I set everything up properly in Promash (which Im not sure that I did), I should have an SG of 1.058, which is a little high for this style (recommended max is 1.052), but close enough for me; the SRM are also high at 7.2 (recommended max is 4) but cant seem to figure out how to get this lower. IBUs are 15.8, which falls withing the style guidelines.

The recipe recommended 93% Wheat Extract, and 7% light DME, and I am not following that closely. How will this turn out based on my ratio? The reason I tinkered it is that I cant see buying a pound of DME and using less that 0.75 pounds. I believe the Wheat DME comes in 1kg packages (2.2 pounds), so I will have to buy 3kg and have leftovers of that also, so I can increase that if need be, but then my SG gets too high with any amount of light DME added at all. I have little experience, so second question is this recipe any good? I have looked around and they all seem similar, but let me know if I am way off track.

Thanks for the advice. You guys rock.

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Baron von BeeGee
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Looks like a good recipe to me, and assuming you're using a good Hefeweizen yeast. I would make the following observations if you wished to deviate from the recipe a bit:
1) Just use 100% wheat DME. It is typically 60/40 or 50/50 wheat to barley extract which is the perfect ratio for a Hefeweizen. No need to use any barley DME at all.
b) I would personally go with one addition of hops at 60 minutes for ~12IBU's which is traditional. Or keep the 60 and 30m additions (again for 12IBU's). But I would drop the last addition as a traditional Hefe has no hop aroma at all (but this is up to your personal tastes).
3) Don't worry about the color...using extract in a concentrated boil is going to darken up some, but shouldn't really affect the flavor. hb_99 has a method of adding the bulk of the extract late in the boil to prevent darkening, so you might investigate that if it's important to you.

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Ditch the barley extract, and the second and third hop additions as suggested above.

Make sure you are using the correct yeast and that you ferment on the warm side if you want the banana/clove esters.

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Like BeeGee said, I would add half, or even 3/4 of your extract late in the boil in order to keep the color light. I did this with a Belgian Blonde (2.5 lb extract for full 60 min boil/6 lbs extract for last 20 min of boil) and it came out very, very light. I'm not sure if there is a trick to it, other than just adding it late. Perhaps hb_99 can give you a more detailed description.

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