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Dec 2008
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Hey all. Great forum you have here. I have been making hard cider for about 5 months now. Keeping it pretty simple & clean. Results have been good so far but havent had anything really aged yet.

My first few batches were made with Redstar Red wine yeast, not sure the number. They came out well. Racked it once and let it set for two weeks. Everyone wanted to try it so I had no time to age it. Back sweetend with cranberry concentrate and we all got drunk. It was not very clear at all though.

One of my latest batches was made with Redstar Pasture Champagne Yeast. I noticed that even during primary the cider was clearing and there was a ton more sediment on the bottom of the carboy when racked. Once in secondary it continude bubbling pretty well and continude to clear up where as after racking the batch made with red the bubbling all but stopped and it stayed cloudy.

Is it the yeast thats making the difference? I have a batch made with the red that has been in secondary for 2 months now and its really coming allong nicely.

The recipe has been the same for all 5 gallon batches up to the backsweetning.

5 Gallon fresh pressed, 2 pounds dark brown sugar, 1 pound light brown sugar.

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Nov 2007
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Every yeast will ferment, age and clear differently. Some yeast will clear easier and some faster. But it could also have to do with temperature, climate, etc so many possibilities.
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gratus fermentatio
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Ham: you may find this useful Winemaking: Strains of Wine Yeast Regards, GF.

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Dec 2008
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Thanks for the replies guys. Great link Gratsus. Glad I found this place.

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Ham - I think as long as you can afford it you really need to get more carboys and get the pipeline so full that you have time to properly condition the ciders. Using an ale yeast you can get a drinkable cider in around two months, I have yet to find a wine or champagne yeast that makes a good cider in less than 7 months.

It sounds like your friends like what you are making, and hopefully you do also, but I would ask you to step up to making great stuff. It's kind of easy with ciders and meads, just add time with good ingredients. You can do it easily if you fill up your pipeline and set some simple standards. (I will serve no cider before its time kind of thing)
Beers is a little more complex, I'm still working on that, oh yea, also on a fantastic cider, and mead, etc.
BTW, welcome to the forum, and best of luck in making what you like / love.
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