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Just curious as to how far ahead everyone plans there Brewing? I just picked out my next 8 Brews.

In Honor and Appreciation of all this Forum has been I'm doing a HBT Lineup. All recipes from HBT Members.

1)Ed's Haus Pale. First time I did it it picked up an over powering Mold flavor during bottling that wouldn't settle out after 3 months in bottles.
2)Orfy's HobGoblin Clone
3)Spyke's American Red
4)BM Cream of 3 Crops
5)Ed Bavarian Hefe
6)Bradsul's Cascade of Bitterness IPA
7)Big Kahuna'a Reindeer Fuel
8)Brew Pastor's Water to Barleywine

I know there are people out there with good and maybe even better recipes. But these are some key names when I think HBT. Yuri's Black project was my stout, but traded it in for BK's just because I wanted a bigger stout.

So post up. Future brews? How far in advance do you pick your lineup?
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I've always planned way in advance, since I have to order everything online. Now, though, I've got my own mill and a few sacks of grain, and plenty of hops in the freezer, so maybe I'll be more likely to not plan so far in advance!

Still, I have quite a few on my "next" list. Here they are, probably in order:

1. Maibock
2. Two Hearted Clone (IPA)
3. Fat Squirrel clone (nut brown ale)
4. DFH 60 Clone (IPA)
5. Dead Guy Clone
6. APA with homegrown cascades

I made an Irish Draught today (recipe from Northern Brewer) and have their Tongue Splitter and an American amber on tap. I like a mix on tap, but I do lean towards the hoppy beers.
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I have been changing a bit. After about 15 months and brewing about 30 batches, I am beginning to settle into some favorites.

My house beer is Ed Worts. I am currently selecting brews out of the Jamil/Palmer book.

But I am now thinking of increasing my ingredient purchasing and will begin upgrading my hop supply.

Therefore, to use the most fresh hops I will begin planning brew sessions around that.

I think your idea of an eight brew schedule looks fine for me as well.

I will need to get going on it I guess.

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I really like using HBT members as a recipe resource.

This weekend is a modified version of
Up next is the original SMaSH
After that
And finally

I like planning ahead but trying to plan too far becomes futile. I come across new ideas too often here.
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I have a few that I have to keep on hand (CBC Beers) other than those I kind of go week by week. I am AlWAYS trying new stuff and changing things around and have a bunch of stuff on hand (i.e grain and hops and yeast). If I want to brew, I pick a date then pick a beer, whatever sounds good at the time.
Tomorrow its CBC Bucking Brown or CBC Honey IIPA Just not sure yet.
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Usually, I'll plan on Wednesday what I want to brew on Saturday. Then tweak it on Friday to actually brew it on Sunday.

No joke.

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To add a little to this, how often are you brewing? So to further the original example, if you have 8 beers planned how often are you brewing one of these?

And to expand even further, how quickly does your beer supply last once it is brewed?
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I usually try to buy 10 or so batches at a time. I have 13 fermentors, so I try to time 3 or 4 to be ready at the same time. I have all 13 ready to re-fill over christmas, so I'm buying about 15 batches here in the next few days. 1 batch of mead, 2 batches of wine & 1 batch of Aphelwine will go into the mix, so its not all short turn around beer.

I brew as often as I can, more in the winter, very little in the summer. I'd say I average 3 batches a month, but I don't break out the brewpot unless I can do 3 in a day.

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Old 12-05-2008, 11:48 PM   #9
Apr 2008
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I try to plan three brews ahead. However, by the time I get to the third brew I've changed my mind and want to make something else.

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Old 12-06-2008, 01:27 AM   #10
Sep 2008
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I am doing batch #5 tomorrow but as you can see from my sig I already have a lineup
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