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Feb 2012
Clearfield, PA
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I use an Oxyclean knock off called Sun. Works like a charm. Sink the bottles in a tub (I use our washtub/sink in the basement) by filling with water, and use only as much water as you need to cover the bottles, thus making the solution more concentrated (1 scoop to this minimum amount of water). A lot of labels come off in 15 minutes to one day on their own. Bell's labels fall right off! Best. Sam Adams labels and a local breweries labels must use Gorilla Glue, although with soe srubbing you're good to go. Nice thing with the Oxyclean is you get all the mold out of the random bottle that wasn't rinsed prior to sanitizing.

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Oct 2011
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What do people do about painted labels? I have easy access to redstripe bottles but the labels are painted on. I was going to try the star san option but realsied its a corosive (?) liquid and not sure TSA will be overly please about me bringing that back on the plane!

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Originally Posted by Tiredboy View Post
What do people do about painted labels? I have easy access to redstripe bottles but the labels are painted on. I was going to try the star san option but realsied its a corosive (?) liquid and not sure TSA will be overly please about me bringing that back on the plane!
Acetone/Nail polish remover? Acetone is used as a paint thinner and I don't think the TSA will care too much if you have a small bottle of nail polish remover with you.

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Jan 2012
washington, pa
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Chimay & Duvel 11oz bottle labels are easily removed by soaking in hot water with Easy Cleaner. left in for maybe an hour and some labels were already floating off. I left in overnight and most if not all the glue is gone. now they will go straight into the dishwasher on rinse, with heat dry, then removed and foil capped.

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Dec 2011
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Soak in plastic tub of water (warm preffered) for 24 hours then they peel off and residual glue can be scrubbed off with potato scrubber.

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Jan 2012
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Easiest: Paulaner, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Great Divide
Hardest: Green Flash Friek Bomber and Pliny the Elder (Green Flash and Pliny weren't too hard just the hardest I have ran into)

I was going to use oxiclean but then I read about the scaling issues and I would have had to stop drinking and start driving to get some. Plus I would have had to spend money that could have gone to beer.

So I tried the baking soda method. I used a coleman cooler to keep the water hot and then filled my bottles and the cooler with hot water, then dumped a bunch of baking soda in. I don't know if you can use to much, I probably use 1/4 to 1/3 of a small box. If anything it is going to clean out your smells right?

I let it sit for at most an hour, and then lightly scrubbed with one of those soapy scrubby thingys. Nothing left on them. Easy,cheap, don't know why you wouldn't use that method.

Pliny had to sit for a few hours and be scrubbed with a green scratch pad for the glue

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Aug 2011
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I toss mine in the dishwasher with a couple of scoops of oxyclean and run on the pots and pans cycle. I also turn off the heat dry at the end as to not reheat the glue and have them stick back to the bottle (learned this the hard way the first time).

Works like a charm and the bottles come out looking brand new.

Reason: typo

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Dec 2011
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Has anyone figured out how to get Rogue's silkscreen off bottles? I soak Stone bottles overnight in Star San and the ink scrubs right off, but I tried soaking a Rogue bottle for several days and I can't even scuff it.

As for regular labels, I soak in Oxy like others. A day or two soak and most labels slide right off. I've been using Avery adhesive paper labels on my own brews and those don't like to come off very easily, I usually have to scrape them off (I use the plastic paddle for my rice cooker) and then scrub the adhesive off.

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Apr 2012
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Hi, I a first time brewer and thought I'd share a tip, I hope I'm not repeating anyone's prior post.
I was reading several posts about using oxyclean, so I decided to make some out of hydrogen peroxide and arm and hammer super suds. I used an 18 gallon tote, added about half of a bottle of peroxide and three cups of super suds. Filled the tote 3/4 full of water, loaded the bottles and in about an hour of soaking the labels peeled off, most floated off . It also removes the Heineken glue residue. Hope this helps.

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Broken Robot Brewing Co.
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Madhouse Brewing - somewhere in Iowa - uses these plasticized, shiny labels that have adhesive more like a Industrial grade Avery label.

The plastic label peels right off of the bottle... leaving behind the sheet of adhesive applied by Lucifer himself. Oxyclean doesn't eat it, neither does StarSan. Going to soak it in isopropyl alcohol next - and if that doesn't work, the bottle goes in the recycling bin and I give up. (mcbethenstein, I'll try the Magic Eraser trick too.)

If you see a shiny, plasticy label, beware of reusing that bottle until you test out how tough the adhesive is.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I'd like to give some thanks to Odell. Their labels *literally* fall off once they've been wet with OxyClean for ten minutes. The glue is super soluble and scrubs right off - AND their bottles have the cute little hop cones embossed on them to boot.

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