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That can be a few things. Could be cloramines, when you ferment too hot it has some different off flavors from that. Did you use tap water? Have you had an issue in he past?
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Write everything down when you brew from what water you use what you cleaned with whether you rinsed your sanitizer/type of sanitizer, how much yeast what temp, etc. how long of a lag,etc..everything,it helps find out any problems a little easier.And to see any patterns. I think you may be ok letting it conditon till you think its right.How far along has it been bottled?
Instead of thinking it fermented hot,you should know what temp it is and thats half the battle.
I ended up really liking my 2 toasted pale ale i had to sub and used toasted malt 05 yeast was a nice twist but a bit belgiany with a fuller mouthfeel and more toasted malt/maltiness.A different beer but it still fit in to the very good range.
I wish i had some centeniall i would brew this up in a heartbeat again,in fact its probably one of the only ones i will tweak for many batches, its a base for a great beer

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Feb 2012
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Just bottled this last weekend. I altered this recipe to the following:

10 lbs Pale malt
2 lbs Vienna malt
12 oz. Crystal 20L malt
8.oz. Cara-Pils malt

3.5oz. Whole Centennial hops

2, 1oz pkg. American Ale II Wyeast 1272

Single Infusion, Light Body, Batch Sparge.
Mash in 16.56 qts @ 159.1F > 148F 75mins
Batch sparge w/4 steps (Drain mash tun, 1.41gal, 1.41gal, 1.41gal) @168F (10 min each step)

.5oz Centennial 1st wort 60.min
.5oz Centennial 1st boil 60.min
.5oz Centennial boil 45.min
.5oz Centennial boil 30.min
.5oz Centennial boil 15.min
.5oz Centennial flame out 0.min

Measured OG 1.065

Here is where I had to tweek it a bit. Pitched 1oz Wyeast 1272 in primary. After 4 days no active airlock, decided to pitch a 2nd Wyeast 1272 based on Recommendation on Wyeast forums on OG of 1.065 or higher, calling for a double pitch. on 5th day slow steady activity was seen for 3 more days. Moved to secondary on 8th day. Dry hopped with .5oz Centennial.

bottled on day 16 with measured FG 1.010

Gives me 7.3 abv

Color dead on with Bells 2ha aroma just incredible. Clarity is incredible already.

Will let you know in a few weeks how this turned out. It will also be entered into a local home brew contest.


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Picked up ingredients for this today, but my LHBS would only sell me 2 oz of Centennial due to the shortage. Instead I'm going to use Columbus for bittering and Centennial and Simcoe for Flavor/Aroma. I know it won't be a clone, but I like that hop combination.

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Blending 70% Cascades and 30% Columbus is a time-honored method of subbing for Centennial hops.
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Feb 2012
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My 2 hearted with Bells. Which is which?

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Obviously , your clone is on the left, this coming from a well trained eye for consumption. You drank more of the clone than the 2HA

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ok, extract brewer looking to give this a whirl. here is what i put together with brew target (below). for mashing the vienna, do i just put the 2 lbs of grain in a bag and steep it for 60 minutes at 160? can i put the other steeping grains in the same bag? there will be 3 lbs of grain total, how much water should i use? also, american or german vienna? thanks for the help!

two hearted ale - American IPA (14B)
Brewer Nobody
Date 04/18/2012
Batch Size 4.740 gal Boil Size 5.240 gal
Boil Time 60.000 min Efficiency 70%
OG 1.074 FG 1.019
ABV 7.2% Bitterness 54.3 IBU (Tinseth)
Color 10.6 srm (Morey) Calories (per 12 oz.) 247

Total grain: 11.000 lb
Name Type Amount Mashed Late Yield Color
Liquid Extract (LME) - Pale Extract 8.000 lb No No 78% 8.0 srm
Vienna Malt Grain 2.000 lb Yes No 78% 4.0 srm
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20L Grain 8.000 oz No No 75% 20.0 srm
Cara-Pils/Dextrine Grain 8.000 oz No No 72% 2.0 srm

Name Alpha Amount Use Time Form IBU
Centennial 10.5% 1.000 oz Boil 60.000 min Pellet 31.2
Centennial 10.5% 1.000 oz Boil 15.000 min Pellet 15.5
Centennial 10.5% 1.000 oz Boil 5.000 min Pellet 6.2
Centennial 10.5% 1.000 oz Boil 1.000 min Pellet 1.3

Name Type Form Amount Stage
Safale S-05 Ale Dry 2.232 tsp Primary
status = brewing

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Old 04-19-2012, 01:43 PM   #569
Apr 2012
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Ok going to do this as my first AG this weekend. Heading to LHBS this afternoon to get everything. One question I have is which yeast? I've read back a few pages and seen 1056 1272 wl051 us-05. Anyone give me I hint?

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Old 04-20-2012, 10:47 AM   #570
Apr 2011
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I used S-05 great results

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