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Apr 2008
North Pole Alaska
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Ahoy hoy,
I make it a point of trying to buy at least one new beer a week, just to taste for recipe making sake, if nothing else. I have found that there are a few beers that just are not quite my forte'. Because of this, every couple of months I end up with a variety case of various beers that I just couldnt drink while I had something much better on hand. I have found that I usually give this case of beer to a local charity...my boss, the guy i work with thats building his log cabin, or anyone else willing to take it off my hand. The truth is, I dont have room for beer Im not a drinking. I have 10 cases of beer stacked around as it is I have to go through, so anything thats not on the drool list hits the road. I also give away homebrews that didnt quite tickle my fancy.
I just wondered if others dumped...I mean gave with a smile, their not so favorite beers to friends and family with no malious or afore thought
I bid you all a great day!
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May 2007
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Most beer I try, I try at the local bar first. there are bottles I see out and about that I want to give a go and I pick them up too, but there's not really mucch beer I buy without prior knowledge of it at least being drinkable.

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Mar 2008
the Desert, CA
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I throw a party or do a poker night. Guests bring the food, I provide the beer.
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Nov 2005
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I'm a drinker, so sooner or later every beer goes down the hatch.
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Nov 2008
Bethlehem PA
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[QUOTE=Medo;984120]I just wondered if others dumped...I mean gave with a smile, their not so favorite beers to friends and family with no malious or afore thought
[/l a great QUOTE]

I started out giving my homebrew to friends and any interested in trying it. Usually it was my best stuff. But I found I am my own worst critic.
An example of this was that I brewed a Porter. It tasted smooth but was too bitter and strong for me. I ended up giving most of it away, and I had all rave reviews on the stuff. Go figure!

I also end up doing a beer swap around the holidays. Here in PA you can only really buy beer in a case of 24, or pay big money to buy a six pack at another store. Strange I know. But we get 8 guys to buy 8 cases of a different brew, so we all get 3 beers of 8 different brews. The ones I don't like, those 2 bottles go to the guy that liked them, and maybe I swap him the ones I like. Usually someone will then post his review of the tastings and we compare. A fun time.

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boo boo
Jun 2005
Hearts's Delight, Newfoundland
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Originally Posted by carnevoodoo View Post
there's not really much beer I buy without prior knowledge of it at least being drinkable.
Yeah, me too. If I try something I'm not familiar with, I only buy 1 bottle or can.
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Nov 2008
Manteno, IL
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I just buck up and drink it. You spent the money, might as well use it.
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Jul 2008
Columbus WI
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I can buy singles beers all the time - have over 100 on my wall at the moment and can get to 200 I believe.
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Jun 2008
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A while back I happened to be making a rare excursion to a wet city, 40 miles one way, and decided to stock my larder up a bit with wine.

While there I decide to try some Samuel Adams that I have heard, and keep hearing, so much about.

I just randomly grabbed six of the Cream Stout.


I gave the other five to a neighbor, he drank one, and brought the other four back, saying thanks, but NO thanks.

So I forced them down, one at a time, every three or four days, till they were gone.

It's just like Ed Wort says about rating Apfelwein, drink three of them before you try to decide if it's good or not.

Oh, they all still sucked, but the last one was a LOT better than the first one.


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Mar 2008
Eagle, Idaho, Idaho
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I just buy one or two... mostly 22oz'ers, but sometimes 12's.

Saves pawning or re-gifting beer... Although I would like to find someone with the opposite taste to mine in a nearby town!
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