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Nov 2008
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I fermented must for 5 days in large drum-pressed grape skins-tranferred wine to 54L demi johns. Has been fermenting for 2months in demi's, I still see carbon dioxide bubbles rising. My question is-has the wine completely fermented? I have used one of those specific gravity meters and reads 990 both demi's, but was told that they are not accurate-and that if the wine is still producing bubbles in air lock, it is still fermenting. The bubbles are very minimal.
Any help appreciated.

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Nov 2008
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Well i would bet that all your getting in the way of bubbles is the residual CO2 which is in solution in your wine... they may not be accurate but if they read exactally the saem three days in a row then you can bet nothing is changeing and your done fermenting.

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A lot of people rely upon hydrometers to determine gravity readings. I don't know why your source told you yours may be inaccurate. The readings you're getting indicate total and complete fermentation and the bubbles you're seeing may very well be CO2 and not related to fermentation.

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Nov 2008
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Thanks for your response. I'm going to go ahead and transfer wine into 2 other demi's and add french oak chips.
Great forum.

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