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Feb 2008
Marietta, OHIO
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So today I was racking from primary to secondary and ran into a little snag. My siphon was going great using an auto siphon like I always do and half way through I started getting some bubbles in my siphon tube. I stopped my siphon and restarted but could not get rid of bubbles through the line so I decided to let it finish. My question is how big a problem is this with all those bubbles going through the tube and into my secondary. It just seemed like a lot of unnecessary bubbles. I hope this didn't screw anything up.

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Oct 2008
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Don't worry, more than likely it was just residual CO2 coming out of solution. I had that same problem the first time I racked from primary and it made me nervous. But all turned out well since the beer still came out tasting really good. RDWHAHB!
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Mar 2008
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I can't say its caused any trouble for my beers when it does happen.

If the bubbles are in the flexible tubing you can pinch just below the bubbles (in the direction of flow). The increase in flow speed through the restriction usually yanks the bubbles right out of the line.
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Sep 2008
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I wouldn't fret too much, I've had it happen before.

Could be residual CO2, could be air that was in the line and is slowly getting out (no biggy).

No reason to be concerned.

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Jul 2008
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What is happening is your tube is not getting a perfect seal - I had that and used a small vice-gripes VERY lightly to seal the tube.

I bet if you pinch the tube where it meets the siphon you can find where the leak is.

THEN - go and buy more tubing.

HOWEVER - it's more of an annoyance then anything else. no worrys.
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Nov 2008
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It could be what Grinder talks about where the hose attaches to the racking cane within the siphon but, the problem may also be the rubber seal within the auto siphon. I talked with my local home brew shop about this about a year ago. They told me it happens with most of the auto siphons and gave me this solution.

Take a very little bit of the beer you are racking and carefully dump it in the top of the auto siphon. This will create a greater seal.
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Mar 2008
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I was in the same boat as you a while ago with my auto siphon. That thing sucks in my opinion. I tried making my life easier with it but to no avail. using just a standard cane and filling it with water with your finger over the tube then siphon through sanstar seems to work great. I cannot tell you good or bad on the bubbles but to me it seems that introducing all that air and possible contaminants can't be good. I'd ditch that auto siphon !!!

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Originally Posted by noremorse1 View Post
the problem may also be the rubber seal within the auto siphon.
This is what mine does. The rubber seal around the racking cane sucks. Fermtech has been having some problems with it, such to a degree that they've come out with an "improved design" version.

I will say that, despite the annoyance of bubbles you can't get to stop and the worries of oxidation, I entered a Kolsch at a comp. that I was worried was going to show oxidation later. Got second BoS. The bubbles are still a pain in the ass though.

Take a very little bit of the beer you are racking and carefully dump it in the top of the auto siphon. This will create a greater seal.
Good idea.

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Jul 2007
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I have purchased two auto-siphons. Both eventually started to leak at the seal inside the tube. Finally gave up and rigged a sterile filter and carboy cap - that works first time, every time - no aggravation and racking goes smoothly.

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Jun 2008
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I had a similar problem using my racking cane.

It started leaking air where the hose connects.

It seems that the 1/2 inch I.D. hose supplied with my kit needed to be replaced with a 7/16 inch I.D. hose, to seal properly.

Just heat the end of the hose with a blow dryer, and it will slip right on.

BTW - The smaller size racking cane, which comes with a 3/8 I.D. hose, needs to be replaced with a 5/16 inch I.D. hose to get a proper seal.


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