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I am bringing a keg to my Thanksgiving Feast, but have a least an hour in hot weather to drive and have a few questions:

It is an Oatmeal Stout that has been carbed and chilled, so should I keep it pressurized or purge it while traveling? I have all I need to get it running once its there.

What do you do to keep it cool in the car?

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is good
May 2008
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I'm doing the same thing, so I've been searching the forums for answers. Here's what I've found:

Disconnect the C02 and Liquid lines. Don't purge the C02 from the headspace. Keep the keg upright if you can, to prevent any leakage. If you can't keep it upright in the car, turn it upside down tonight and check for leaks first, before you put it in your car (the keg will travel fine in any position as long as there are no leaks. Keep it cold if possible, but if not, start cooling it off asap once you get to your destination.

I'm guessing you can sit it in a cooler with an open top, with some ice in the bottom, or a trash can.
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Definately try to keep it upright to keep any sediment at the bottom of the keg. Keep it pressurized as well. If it is well chilled you could wrap a heavy blanket or sleeping bag around it and pack it in tight with all of the other things you are taking. It'll travel just fine.
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One tip for transporting a keg if you do not have a way to secure it.

You can put it on the floor in the front and move the seat up to wedge it against the dash to keep it from moving. The other is it put it on the floor in the back and tilt the front seat back to keep it from moving. I do the first one all the time.

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Seat buckles save lives- That's all I'm going to say :-)

If you have the room, ice in some sort or basin would be preferable, but not necessary. As posted before, just blast with CO2 and unhook it. Personally, I would hit it with a higher PSI, and just bleed it before serving.

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I have transported mine in a cheap kitchen garbage can from Wal-mart. The circular ones. It's not as tall as the keg but I can keep the bottom foot of the keg on ice and it makes it more stable to transport. I buckled the garbage can in my back seat and didnt have a problem.

Just be aware that if the keg was also your secondary your beer will not be as clear as if you let it sit in place for a day or 2. Even if its not your secondary I would guess it would be more cloudy than at home.

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