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Jan 2008
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Rahr our local brewery out here has a beer called winter warmer. this beer is great and does not have a cider taste at all. they use 300lbs of cane sugar in a 50bbl batch this comes out to a little less that a pound per 5 gallons.
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Originally Posted by TeufelBrew View Post
I'll make your case with my 1st and 3rd batch.

Cooper's kit from SWMBO had 3lbs surgar in the recipe. Batch wasn't infected, but it wasn't very good. With almost 40% fermentables refined sugar, it tasted cidery even 6 months later.

Third batch was Belgian Golden Strong Ale. Had about 2 lbs sugars added but was only about 15% of fermentables. Tastes freakin AWESOME! Balanced use of sugar, good ingredients to start with and refined sugar has a definate use and place in making good beer.

Great post and thanks for bringing it up! Prosted
This is exactly the point. Will sugar make your beer taste cidery? Sure. If you use too much and do not properly balance malt with sugar, yeah it is not going to taste right, and probably taste cidery. If you use a proper portion and pitch proper yeast, it is fine to use some cane sugar. 3lbs I would say is reaching the upper limit for a 5 gallon batch.

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Originally Posted by Saccharomyces View Post
In fact, I enjoy drinking light BMC more than a few commercial big beers I have tried that finish way too sweet because they DIDN'T use any sugar in the fermentables...
It must be the Drinkability.....

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I've brewed a few of the can+kilo kits when I first started brewing earlier this year. A couple of these turned into outstanding beer. Coopers Australian Pale Ale and Brewmart Czech Pilsner kits come to mind first. Most of the others weren't bad -- just "ordinary" you might say. I can't say I ever had what I would call a "cidery" taste to any of these. Using dextrose rather than cane sugar probably helped a little bit there.

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I made an extract IPA a while back and didn't was sent the wrong amount of extract (I was a lb short) so I used 1/2lb of corn sugar. It was one of my better extract beers. It came out close to my target O.G. and finished quite nicely. I was actually thinking of brewing it again.

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Every book I have read has said "too much" sugar can give beer a cidery taste. Most often I see folks like Papazian and Palmer recommend that sugar be no more than 10-15 % of the fermentables.

I think in the forums people just tend to distill (pardon the pun) that info down to "sugar = cider taste" neglecting the important part of the message which is, in moderation, sugar and other adjuncts are good.
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Originally Posted by ohiobrewtus View Post
Now just make sure to reply to any thread about sugar with a link to this post.
I hate to come out like this, but I love you.

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I'm not anti-sugar, but I don't use it very often. The reason is simple- I usually make fairly low OG session beers. Even my IPAs tend to be of a moderate OG, and I need the malt to balance the hops. I also have a tendency to overattenuate- often down to 1.008 or so even if I mash at 153-154. My non-IPA and APA beers tend to be American ambers, and occasionally a British ESB or a mild. I've used dextrose in a cream ale, in a Belgian pale ale, and in a DIPA but I can't think of any other times I have.

I think the key to a good beer is balance. A well-designed recipe is the key. Just like you wouldn't use 2 pounds of black patent in a stout, you might not want to use 2 pounds of simple sugar in a pale ale. It doesn't mean it's not an ok ingredient, but it's all about the proper amount in the recipe and not just to boost ABV. I also wouldn't add 2 pounds of malt extract in a recipe just to boost ABV- I'd look at in the context of the recipe.
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Originally Posted by PseudoChef View Post
I hate to come out like this, but I love you.

Originally Posted by the_bird
Well, if you *love* it.... again, note that my A.S.S. has five pounds.

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