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May 2006
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Hello, im new to this. Today I started a batch of sugar wine! Does anyone have any step-by-step recipes to make beer, or any othe rkind of alcohol? I would greatly appreciate it... Also can they be budget oriented please?

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Check howtobrew.com on methods. Cheap beer can be made by purchasing the beer-in-a-can kits and adding lots of table sugar. Any food grade bucket can be used for fermentation, although if you use old pickle buckets, I would suggest making Belgians.

Extract brewing is the least expensive method, unless you are making a lot of beer. In that case, you'll find all-grain brewing much more expensive. AG ingredients are cheaper, but the equipment is more expensive.
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Dave R
Mar 2006
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Hey cbs. I'm also a newbie when it comes to homebrewing and right now am in the experimenting stage and just trying to refine my sanitizing and brewing procedures more than anything else.

I've made three batches so far using 5 gallon buckets from Lowe's, clear vinyl tubing from Lowe's and malt extract (unhopped) that we can buy locally here in our grocery stores.

The first batch was only a 20 oz bottle, so I only made a 3 gallon batch. Using 3 cups of sugar and boiling for 15 minutes, I put it in Primary for 2 weeks and then bottled it for 3 more before starting to drink it. I really was thrilled I actually did it and was impressed with the results. It was light, but had a great smell and taste and a pretty good kick to it. ( I don't know the alcohol content as I don't have a hydrometer yet)

The second batch I made (after much reading about not using sugar and using secondary fermenters) by using 2- 3 lb cans of a hopped malt extract and no sugar. Boiled through the hot break, put in Primary bucket for one week and then in Secondary for another week (got impatient to bottle). It's been bottled now for 2 weeks and I tried some last night and am very disappointed in the results. I don't know if it's the hop taste or not (what do hops taste like?) and not much of a kick. I think I rushed it by not letting it ferment long enough.

The third batch I'm trying is only one 3 lb can of hopped malt extract, 6 cups of sugar and I boiled a raspberry teabag in the wort for about the last 5 minutes of the boil. ( all you old hats- don't laugh) It's been in Primary for a week and I'm leaving it for another week and then will bottle it. I'm not going to secondary this one. It already smells fantastic ( better than the first brew even) and I can't wait to taste it.

Like I said, I'm just experimenting right now and having fun trying to get my technique down pat. Once I'm secure in my sanitizing and brewing techniques, then I am going to go down to Birmingham and get a real recipe made for me and do it right.

Good luck with it and most of all, have fun. I am.

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Mar 2012
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Hello Dave, Hops are bitter and make your beer bitter, so if you liked your beer without the bitterness, by all means brew without the hops, Im new too, but have read lots about brewing, and am brewing my 3rd beer this friday so far all have been grains (steeped) and malt extracts added with hops, if it were me I would try mixing one can un-hopped and one can hopped together, and sugar just adds alcohol, it ferments out, if you want to add some extra flavor (caramel flavor) to your beer, try adding 1 lb brown sugar instead of table sugar, it will still up your alcohol level and make it taste a bit richer, less lighter than table sugar.
I really want to try a can and brown sugar to see what the difference is from what I have brewed, and a un-hopped one to boot.

Hope this helps

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