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Oct 2008
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My girlfriend gets really bad motion sickness almost every time she gets in a car. I recently read about the health benefits of ginger and came across a site (Health Benefits of Ginger) that claims that ginger can provide more motion sickness relief than dramamine. Does anyone know if the process of making ginger ale (with real ginger root) would destroy the beneficial part of the ginger that seems to be helping people with motion sickness? Any tips to make a potent ginger ale without it tasting really spicy?


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I'd buy a packet of crystallized ginger first and see if eating some helps her.
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Oct 2008
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Its way better to actually chew on some ginger root. The beverage has only a little bit of the active ingredient. But if you do decide to sip gingerale for motion sickness remember to shake all the gas out - there's nothing like a nice gas bubble in your stomach to turn nausea into vomitting.

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Sep 2008
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So THAT'S why my mom always gave me flat coke after I'd been sick...
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I've also read about ginger helping and I do enjoy something called "ginger beer" made by Saranac. It is non alcoholic and I get it in a 6 pack at my local wine store. It does seem to settle my stomach when it is upset.

Good luck.

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Candied ginger is great when I feel sick. Peppermint also works wonders.
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Nov 2008
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I get motion sick at the drop of a hat and ginger ale doesn't help me much, even the natural kind made with real ginger. Candied ginger is good, so are ginger tablets. There was a great ginger candy I used to eat while sea kayaking but I can't find it anymore.

Doesn't help everyone though. I have a seasick-prone buddy who was in the merchant marine. He said: "Everyone told me how great ginger is, so I took some. All it did was make my puke taste nice and gingery."
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Originally Posted by giligson View Post
Its way better to actually chew on some ginger root. The beverage has only a little bit of the active ingredient. But if you do decide to sip gingerale for motion sickness remember to shake all the gas out - there's nothing like a nice gas bubble in your stomach to turn nausea into vomitting.
Great point with the gas, but instead of shaking to remove the gas, just leave out the yeast! Why bother carbing it if you are just going to uncarb it.

Then you would be making a ginger tea, which would be great. Steep a couple of ginger slices in hot water, add sweetener to taste and drink!

Or bottle the soda (without the carbing yeast) and you would already have uncarbed ginger ale. Just chill to reduce infection issues. It would probably last up to a week or so in the fridge.

To the OP, this is an interesting experiment opportunity. You could develop a Seasick Soda recipe.
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They sell ginger pills in health food stores like GNC, etc. In my experiance they seem to work well. My brother gets sea sick, he was taking the ginger pills for several days while we were on a family cruise and he was doing well. He stopped taking the pills one day and by night he was not feeling so hot. Of the four members in my family that get motion sick that took the pills, nobody got sick those 7 days.

If i also recall, the fresher the pills the better.

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Chewing ginger root or, if you don't like the taste, order ginger capsules online. It works very well for flight students having problems with motion sickness.
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