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Sep 2008
Phoenix, AZ
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Just curious if anybody else cleans their equipment with a cleanser after using and then before the next batch only sanitizes? Thats what I've been doing lately; cleaning with Straight-A after every use then storing it in a rubbermaid container until its a new brew day and only sanitizing with Idophor before using again. My thought is that everything was cleaned and then went into a clean container so cleaning shouldn't be necessary again, only sanitizing.

I've been doing it this way for about a 12 brews and haven't had any problems. Just wondering if i should be more OCD by cleaning after using - store - clean again - and then sanitize or just stick with the current clean - store - sanitize? Of course i know it wouldn't hurt to throw in another cleaning, but just want to see how everybody else out there does it.

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Feb 2008
Wappingers falls NY
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Once the item is clean there is no reason to clean it again if its stored in a closed container. I sometimes rinse then sanitize but don't see a need to wash it again.
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missing link
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I run an Oxi - clean solution through my system using the pumps and re-heat everything during the boil to about 140, then run off down the driveway while filling with fresh rinse water until all the soap is gone. Before brewing I do the same thing.

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Dec 2007
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I clean once after brewing/bottling. I usually just give it a quick rinse in plain tap water then sanitize. Never had any issues.
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This is helpful, because I have been cleaing at the end of a brew session and also at the beginning.

I was beginning to wonder if this was a waste of time and cleanser and it seems it is!

Thanks for the question!
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Jun 2008
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Clean thoroughly, store, sanitize and use. I've always done this, why sanitize it, store it, just to sanitize it again? As long as you do it pre-brewing on brew day you're golden.

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Aug 2008
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Originally Posted by springer View Post
Once the item is clean there is no reason to clean it again if its stored in a closed container. I sometimes rinse then sanitize but don't see a need to wash it again.

You can't leave it grungy after use so you have to clean it then. But I just rinse or if it looks good, just straight into the sanitizer.

For the pre-boil items, (MLT, HLT, etc) I don't even sanitize cause it's gonna boil anyway.

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Jun 2007
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Its a common theme to 'clean after use, sanitize before using'. A mantra even.

If you indeed cleaned it right the first time, you don't need to re-clean unless its been long enough to get really dusty. (i.e. months between brews)
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Nov 2008
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I just pulled off my SS braided hose w/coupler/ball valve/bulkhead setup from my MLT cooler and dismantled it. I cleaned religiously after ever batch, but I can't recall ever taking apart the bulkhead. There was some serious nasty crap in the threading of the nipple and on both o-rings (each side of the bulkhead). This has me wanting to clean this stuff more often, especially since i've upgraded to an all SS setup w/a keggle MLT.

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