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Originally Posted by EdWort View Post
Doh, I meant Scotch Whiskey.
Don't you mean Scoth Whisky?

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Stupid question but I want to make sure. All of these Stone IPAs are considered an American IPA by category right?
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Stone Pale Ale is an American Pale Ale, Stone IPA is an American IPA, Stone Ruination is an American Imperial IPA.
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Originally Posted by Soperbrew
big brother only monitors facebook and untappd

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I plan on making the Smoked Porter clone next month.

I also really liked the "Proffessional Homebrewers" article, makes a guy all tingly inside

I'm gonna try out the Porter Potty Porter recipe from the Hank is Wiser brewery as well.
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Originally Posted by Donner View Post
Those interested in subscriptions should see if anyone they know gets it and is needing to renew. The past few issues have had "buy a year, give a year to a friend" deals in them.
Can I be someone's friend?

I'd be willing to split it w/ whoever...
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So how bout we get all these in beersmith files? haha

Curious that the clone calls for Mt hood and Perle, but STONE actaully uses Simcoe. What's everyone going to use?
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Well, I brewed the IPA clone last night and it is not much of a clone. I sucked on my effiency. I know the BYO recipes are based on 65%, so I thought I would be safe if I increased the volume from 5G to 5.5G with the same grain bill thinking I could get above 70% efficiency, but that didn't happen.

My preboil gravity (SG) was 1.044 with a 7.5G volume. I ended up only boiling for 80 minutes with a very slow boil because it was burning off quickly.

My OG was 1.056, but I think I have a little more than 5.5G in the fermentor.

I Mashed at 150 for 60 minutes with 4.25G (17Q), I drained 2.6G, and batch sparged with 3 gallons on the first run and 2.5G on the second run.

I should have used less sparge water. After I got my boil volume and drained the cooler to see how much was left and there was close to another gallon left and I am wondering if I used 4.5G / 2 sparges instead of 5.5G I would have had a higher OG. The water would have been more concentrated it seems.

What do you think? Beer smith calculates my brewhouse at 62%

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Originally Posted by Saccharomyces View Post

1.75# Chocoate
I haven't paged through my issue yet to investigate, but in what form is this chocolate?
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Originally Posted by RC0032 View Post
+1 Can someone share the recipes
Is this legal

People Like This 
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Originally Posted by AnOldUR View Post
Is this legal
Other than copyright issues if BYO decides to claim it, I don't see why not.
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