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Jan 2012
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I'm using a cooling fan for the tower that basically draws from the inside and a hose pulls the air up to the tower. Has this caused any issues for anybody?

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Originally Posted by csh View Post
OK. I found my own answer...

About page 54, there's a bit about someone who accidentally cut the cap tube, which seems to be required only if you're using the OEM thermostat. So, I sucked it up and cut the cap tube. The compressor is still running... Whew...

I decided to test the Love controller by setting the set point higher than the current temp and the compressor turned off. I then reset the set point lower than the current temp and... nothing.

After waiting for five minutes, which is the default value for the minimum off time, the compressor kicked back on.

Like I said above, my Love install is pretty simple. No light, no door switch. I just connected the live, neutral and compressor live to the controller.
When I replaced my thermostat I was able to pull all the stock parts out. But yeah cutting the tube is fine. I replaced mine with a cheap ebay thermostat. Works great!

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Nov 2012
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Hi y'all. Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to send a huge shout out of thanks to this thread and a few others for making my kegerator possible. Figured I'd share some photos of my buildout. I've had it up and running for several months now, but I just got around to finally putting in my third faucet today and am now satisfied.

I went with the Lowes model for no other reason than it was cheaper. In retrospect, I think the Best Buy model may be better as I understand that the inner door simply unscrews. If that's not the case, then it's just a huge mess no matter what, so go with whatever's cheaper. I carefully cut around the edge of the lip where the magnetic seal tucks in, then tore off the plastic sheeting, which wasn't fun, and then just hacked away at the foam. I can't stress enough that you should do this in a garage if at all possible - somewhere well ventilated but not out in the open so you can clean up after yourself. This foam almost certainly will give you cancer. Buy a cheap-o face mask and wear eye protection.

I bought some spray foam to fill in the valleys, then caulked in a corrugated plastic sheet flush against the inside of the door. I saw another thread or possibly somewhere in this thread where someone put acrylic in, but that was pretty expensive and also heavier. It's possible that acrylic would be better for temp purposes, but honestly, this has been fine. The acrylic certainly would be more rigid for securing the shanks, but again, this has been adequate. Initially, I removed the casing around the light and thermostat and moved them out of the way as previously described so that I could fit two 5-gallon ball locks side by side.

I then drilled some holes through the door with some hole saws. If I had or had access to a drill press, that would have been ideal since one of my shanks went in a little crooked. After that, it was just two small holes and a 6 inch drip tray and I was good to go.

Since I'm a sucker for making things nicer than they need to be and my girlfriend's brother is an electrical engineer, I decided to upgrade to a temp controller. This thread was instrumental in making that dream a reality. Went with this PID controller and it's great. The light still works, but since there's nothing on the door currently to trip the switch, I just taped down the switch (hence the ugly mess of blue tape). Eventually I'll figure out a way to make that work. Or not. Anyway, I can't help anyone with the wiring as my girlfriend's brother did all of the hard work.

Now, after having it a while, I thought "Hey, I bet I could fit a 2.5 gallon on the back hump." So I picked up two of these 2.5 gallon kegs. To my dismay, they are ever so slightly wider than standard ball locks and don't fit side-by-side. HOWEVER! I noticed I could fit one on the hump and one in the front, then stagger a five gallon in front, which means three kegs, plus a 5 pound cylinder in the fridge, self contained! So today I installed a three way distributor in the upper left hand corner (affixed with velcro, not sure if it will hold up, but better than risking hitting some coolant lines with a screw) and drilled another hole for a faucet. Everything fits, plus I have room on top of the 2.5 gallon in front for my dehumidifier. Ideally, the faucets would be spaced out better, but honestly, not sure if the doors would close if they went much wider, plus this drip tray looks decent.

Tricked it out with Duck Rabbit and Trou du Diable tap handles - with a standard black one for the middle since it's a little tight there - and a ton of bottle cap magnets and I have a three-brew dispenser in a tight package to keep SWMBO happy.

Anyway, not sure if someone already confirmed the three-keg configuration works, but this certainly does. It's tight, but it works.



Reason: adding photos

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"myspoonistoobig" is the best username ever.
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These mods have been discussed but not in detail, or shall I say spelled out for the less capable DIY.

1. Muffin fan that runs from external power source parts list and instructions.

2. Anyone put this on castors or a cradle with castors.

3. Anyone have a clever design to mount the co2 outside while working with request number two for a neat but semi portable kegerator. Ie roll it to the porch, roll it to the living, roll it to the garage.

4. I am thinking through the door taps to save some scratch and keep it simple, putting on wheels would raise it up a bit to make the pour easier.


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Has anyone been able to fit a corny keg and a 1/6 keg in this fridge together? I've read in this post that it might be possible but haven't seen anyone who has done it. If anyone has pics and/or advice on mods would be great.

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Feb 2013
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Originally Posted by 37OliveStBrews View Post
I contacted Electrolux the maker of the Fridgedaire model in question and they confirmed there are no coils in either side or back wall of this fridge. I guess I can drill into it at will to install the CO2 mounting bracket. Yippee.
Originally Posted by agcorry00 View Post
Hey, so I tried drilling though the side. I drilled forward of the thicker plates, nearest the door, and I don't think I hit any vital organs. Unfortunately, I see no evidence of any cooling at all. Every inch of the unit is at room temp or warmer. Did I still manage to ruin it?
So did we decide that there are indeed refrigerant lines running through the sides?

ps i feel bad joining a forum just for this thread, but this is the encyclopedia of the internets on this model conversions. Everywhere you find info on this fridge references back to here. I will be attempting to fit two commercial 1/6ths in mine, and will definitely post back with tech.

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There are indeed refrigerant lines in the sides of this model.
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Feb 2013
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As promised: Two commercial 1/6 barrels in this fridge.

As with all my beer related projects, I thought I was taking good detailed pics at the time, but lots of beer was consumed while working so they didn't come out that great.

Anyways, we started with a frigidaire 4.4 cu ft fridge that I picked up on craigslist for $75 almost new. The dude said he bought it about 1.5 yrs ago but has had it unplugged for the last year. It works great.

The first thing I did was cut the hole for the beer lines. I didn't want to put any extra work into it if i was just going to kill it by hitting a line. We tried using the cornstarch/vodka test on the side and it didn't really do anything but make it look like bigfoot ejaculated on the fridge. Had a good laugh over that one. So i ended up going through from the inside. I cut away a square of the plastic about 2x2" with my handy razor blade, and then carefully dug through the foam with a screwdriver to expose the outside shell of the fridge and the coolant lines. I honestly don't know why everyone doesn't go through the inside like this. I ended up being right over a coolant line and was able to easily see it and avoid it.

Once I had the line located I drilled a 3/8"-ish hole through from the inside where i wanted my opening centered. I used a cutoff wheel on my angle grinder to cutout a square hole on the outside (overkill but it worked well). We covered the sharp edges with duct tape to protect the lines, and used foil tape to clean up the opening. Thus creating the magnificent glory hole.

Next thing I did was gut the door. We started with a sawzall, holy overkill! We finally realized that a razor blade cut through the plastic like nothing, and was much easier to control. Used knives and stuff to cut out foam. At the end i needed a tiny bit more off in one spot for the door to seal, and found that a drywall rasp work excellently. That foam is messy as heck though. Also note: the seal pulls off easily and goes back on easily. Pull it off when gutting the door so you don't trash it. It just snaps in place.

We still needed a bit more depth so I notched the compressor hump. Easy work with a razor blade. There's nothing in there to hurt. Go to town. The gray you see in the middle is the cardboard stuff on the exterior. I taped some fiberglass insulation over it on the outside to keep it halfway efficient. I pulled the paper off the insulation and use foil tape to alleviate my concerns of fire with it being next to the hot compressor.

oh yeah I did this shenanigans with the thermostat too, but it's been covered in depth here

voila! two 1/6 barrel commercial kegs. The black short one is actually a hair wider than the "standard" one. So with two normal 1/6's i'll have even more room. I used a wood shim (like for construction framing) under the front keg because it wanted to lean out. Works great.

First Pour. Cheers!

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Getting ready to buy the bestbuy model of the fridge. Would any one that has bought this fridge care to comment on how it has lasted and if they would recommend still getting it or not ? I am just going to put 2 5 gallon corny's hooked up to a party faucet. I may go to a tower eventually but not in the near future.
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