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Feb 2006
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It gets pretty warm in my house and I don't have air-conditioning (Arg). I control the temperature of my fermentors by wrapping a wet towel around them... it seems to work rather well. But when it comes to bottling time and I age in bottles it's impossible to know how warm the beer is. Is the threat of warmer temperature still present while the beer is aging in bottles? If so, how do you think I can control that?
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An overall decent beer but it has too much of a banana character, I think it's because of fermenting at too high of a temp. Tasted better as it aged, but far from perfect.

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I don't think the house temps will hurt your bottled beer.
I cleaned out my car after a trip and promptly forgot about
a sixer of BigFoot and a sixer of myhoney wheat. I found them
in the garage 3 months later. Neither beer was affected.
I think it takesa lot of extreme temps and sunlight to make a difference.
On some beers, time is more of a problem (anylight/low alpha beer).

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Originally Posted by MrEcted1
It gets pretty warm in my house... and I age in bottles it's impossible to know how warm the beer is.
What i do is, i have a grolsch-type bottle that has a stick-on thermometer on it, that tells me what the temp of the other bottled beers are at. you probably dont even need beer in it, just water. But i always have beer in it, and drink that one last, so i know the temps of the beers while 'aging'.
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