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i had a similar deal for about a year. problem was, the little part in the top of the fridge that was supposed to form ice, obviously never did, so it was dripping wet all the time. I constantly (well, when i was fermenting) had to wipe it dry. well after a year of use, i was going to move it, and discovered i hadn't dried all the water that formed, and it had leaked to the bottom back of the cabinet and was covered in mold. the back panel had warped and came off (i made my extra space using an old kitchen cabinet)

Here is the thread w/ pics of my old ferm. chamber

that first pic, you see where the fridge butted up against cab, that is where water at some point leaked out.

anyway, note to anyone doing this.. watch for water. am I the only one with that problem?

this is what I have now: a 5cuft. chest freezer w/johnson controller

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Thanks for showing me this build. Looking for a new way to place the kegs in the garage for primary fermenting.

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looking at this... it makes me think do you guys think it would be possible to undo the whole freezer/fridge and put them apart in the box so i takes less space ?

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I was just told to check out this thread for ideas. This is awesome. Subscribing so I can get back to it!

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Originally Posted by Penguinetti View Post
I was just told to check out this thread for ideas. This is awesome. Subscribing so I can get back to it!
Hey thanks - it is still in use today!

I did add a small heater to it as well to play around with raising the temp near the end of fermentation (when the basement is too cold).

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Good to see that this thread was bumped today so I don't have to resurrect it myself

Here are a few pics from my copycat build I did a couple weeks ago. I put it on a platform with casters, went for a dual stage controller, and added a small 200W space heater I picked up on Amazon for around $20. Other than that, same basic design. Thanks!

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Old 01-12-2012, 09:16 PM   #57
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I like what you did there with the cabinet and casters. The small space heater is a good idea too.

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Looks great! I'm adding this to my to-do list.

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Old 04-05-2013, 04:24 AM   #59
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I realize this build was a few years ago, but can you tell me if the magnetic strips used to attach the foam box to the fridge worked out? My garage will get pretty hot in the summer, so I am concerned about air leakage, but I want to salvage the fridge for potential kegerator at some point in the future. I'd rather a temp box such as this, rather than the typical screw-collar-to-fridge type of modifications.

Also, I was thinking of leaving the door attached to the fridge, just fitting a piece of foam board (with magnetic strips) to fill the gap between the fridge and the 90 degree open door. That gap on my fridge stays at about 1" throughout the swing of the door, so I think this would work.

Thoughts? Any guidance is appreciated, your setup is great.

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SUBBED! Gotta keep this for reference!
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