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I like your original idea so how about just drilling a hole in the side of a container (like Tupperware maybe... though my SWMBO would KILL me if I used Tupperware and not something cheap) just large enough to allow your beer tube to slide through it easily and then put the picnic tap back on the tube? No chance for bugs to get in when you put the cover back on it and it would be easy to use after even several pints. A small rectangular one would look great too.
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I used to take my rolling icecube with a 3-gallon corny in it but I kept running out of beer before coming home. So I built a 3-keg kegerator to take camping. It's a 44-gallon rubbermade trashcan with a galvanized trashcan inside of it. I lined the space between the two with insulation. The inner can is 6 inches shorter inside leaving plenty of room for the taps. When not in use, try pacifiers to keep the bugs out.
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I use the combination below when I go camping. This cuts way down on weight because you don't have to carry ice. I have the keg on ice until I reach the trail head, then I wrap with the bubble insulation and cover that with the Keglove. This usually keeps my keg cold for about a day and a half (maybe longer but the beer has never made it past that long).


I also use this with great success:Austin Homebrew Supply
Again, cuts WAY down on weight. It usually takes three or four cartridges to serve a five gallon keg.

As for bugs, the only bugs I've ever had a problem with at the tap are yellow jackets. In most parts of the country, it's probably too cold for them right now. Besides you're camping right? One with nature and all that. The best part about homebrew is sharing, be it with man or beast.
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Bugs in January?
You must be someplace warm. Ain't no bugs around here in January, and yes I do go tent camping in the middle of winter. No need to worry about bugs or keeping the keg cold, mother natures got it covered.

I think your putting too much time and effort into bugs. You may think that your beer is the best thing on earth and everybody in thier brother wants some. Bugs got a different perspective. You wont have any problems if you keep the tapper off the ground. You may get an ocasional fly or two stopping on the tapper, but that is no worse than them stopping on your glass. When your not drinking, rst the tappr on top of the keg. As long as you dont store the keg on a ant hill you wont have any problems.

As for backpacking, everclear is a great option. We use it for cooking fuel, and medicianal purposes. If you need a shot of something a little less potent, bring a flask of whiskey/burbon. Beer weighs too much for backpacking.
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Where are you camping that you have to worry about bugs in december?

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Camping in central, East Florida...right across the river from the Shuttle pad. It has been hit or miss in past years with skeeters and no seeums (sp?).

I can drive right up to the camp site which is really only 20 minutes away from home so space isn't too big of an issue.

Maybe I am being too concerned about buggies and such. It's not like the keg will last for the whole trip. I guess I really need to invest in another.

Thanks again for all of the suggestions.

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A paint ball tank is a reasonable solution if you have an adapter or you can use one of the CO2 chargers like a couple of the links pointed to. These take CO2 cartridges and connect directly to a gas-in coupler. Takes up much less space than even a small tank and you don't risk damage to you regulator. Just chill and carb using the tank an coupler before leaving.


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