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Apr 2008
Humboldt County
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So I'm getting to the point in my schooling where I really need to get serious about choosing my major, and sticking to it. Ive been interested in so many, but eventually lose interest. Im always so apprehensive do to the fact that I dont want to choose a major and have to stick to that type of work for my life. So does anyone here have a job that is completely opposite to the type of major you chose in college? or, vice versa, anyone who's job exactly correlates to the major they chose? OR ANY OTHER ADVICE WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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Aug 2008
Fort Worth, TX
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Choose whatever you want. If you get bored, you can always go to medical or law school. If all else fails just choose biology. You can do research, consulting, hold a couple public offices, teach, sell pharmaceuticals, etc.
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Option 1: choose something that you love to do. You'll have a great time learning about it, and with luck it will pay well. The downside is you'll destroy your love for it by turning it into work.

Option 2: choose something that makes a lot of money, and you happen to be good at. Work hard, get good grades and possibly pursue a graduate degree. With all that money, you can afford to do what you love...with all the cool toys nobody else can afford (10 barrel system anyone?).

Option 3: Quit school and start working at whatever industry you are interested in. Once you're sure that industry is for you, take night classes and finish your degree. With the experience and degree, you will be better equipped than any other recent graduate.

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May 2007
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From my experience, employers seem to care more about grades and experience. My regret from college is not seeking out internships. Experience also helps you find out which field you might be interested in.

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Professor Frink
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Sep 2006
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Your major doesn't really matter. More than half of the people with a college degree don't pursue a job within their major. Take classes that interest you work on learning as much as you can and you'll get the most out of college.
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Aug 2008
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Agree with major not mattering to an extent, but a technical degree of some kind (ME, EE, CE) tends to impress people more than, say, an English degree.

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Dec 2007
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My degrees are in Geography (Actually cartography), and Environmential Science.

I'm a wildland firefighter, so I guess my degrees are related to my job, I look at maps & I'm in the environment.

I started school as a biology major, got to Organic Chem & dropped out of the biology program, switched to Enviro, then switched again 1/2 way through my senior year to geography. It all worked out. I took something in school I was vaguely interested in, then found something I liked to do, while at an INTERNSHIP.

Do internships, they rock.


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Chappell Brewery
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Jul 2008
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Find something you can tolerate doing and that is fairly secure and has potential to make money. That way you can work to pay for your hobbies.
Medical imaging is a growing field with lots of offshoots and various hours. It also pays well. Do what you love doing as a hobby and not a career yet. A lot of it depends on your goals. Do you want to travel or do you want a job that keeps you home? Do you want the wife and kids thing or be single for awhile?

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Jul 2007
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I majored in wildlife management and vertebrate zoology while minoring in chemistry. Now I am in vet school. I am pretty sure i will stick with veterinary medicine

+1 on your degree may not be in what you end up doing. For a couple examples, here are what some of my closest friends majored in, and what they are doing now:
-Russian: Manages a chain of hotels
-Mechanical engineering: Does financial statements on vehicles for the military
-Chemical engineering: manages crews in oil fields
- Electrical engineering: Sales rep for an engineering firm, travels the world trying to sell circut boards
-Biomedical sciences: manages a colony of primates for research purposes
-Sociology: keeps international students leagal as they attend colleges in the US.

As you can see, most people stayed in the same general field, but what they do is much different that what they actually went to school for. IMHO a science degree will get you much further than a liberal arts degree (unless you want to teach), and an engineering degree will get your the $$$$ (but you will need to be competitive).

my $0.02
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Apr 2007
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..if you can't make A's in calculus, dif-e, organic and physical chem, and stat. thermo u are just a wuss

..Just kidding. It's been 35 years and I still have nightmares about school.

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