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Jul 2008
Harrisburg, PA
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So I am going for my first all grain brew (i finally got everything else I need)....I have a wide 35 qt SS Pot. My question is will I be able to get 6.5 gal of wort boiling on an electric stove top or should I just get out the turkey fryer. I know most are just going to get out the fryer but I was wondering if anyone ever got a good boil with that much wort on a electric stove top. Winter is right around the corner and I would like to brew inside but if I must use a turkey fryer outside....i WILL SUFFER for the beer and I will freeze to continue brewing!

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I have a big kick ass gas stove, and it still takes a while to boil inside. You may not be able to get a boil on your stove, but you could always try it to see. Of course, then if you can't get a boil, you'd be hauling hot wort outside to boil it out there.
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Oct 2008
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How about just trying to boil that much water on your stove first? That way you won't have to carry anything that big,heavy and HOT to your turkey burner if it don't work.
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The Pol
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Unless you have an industrial strength stove, and being that this is your first AG, save yourself the hassle and get out the fryer, seriously... please!

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Well last Sunday I tried what the OP is proposing and my experience was not a happy one. I opted to get a 7.5 gallon thick-walled aluminum pot (read one big ass heat sink) and since I'm still learning brewing in general opted to brew a small 2 gallon MO/Fuggle SMaSH for my first AG. It took 90 minutes to get the 2.6 gallons of wort (carefully measured as it ran so I can get decently accurate efficiency numbers) from 140F to 210F and this was possible only by wrapping the outside of the pot with towels. I finally got a super weak boil and boiled for my 90 minutes and produced very little hot break. Then I dropped in my 50'x1/2" DIY copper chiller and knocked it down to 90F in 1 minute! That was my first clue that something was up. Turns out my extremely prolonged boil resulted in 1.5 gallons into the carboy rather than my target of 2 gallons.

On the up side my mash efficiency was 96% (2.5 gallons of 1.045 from 3# of MO) and my OG was 1.070 into the fermentor. And after only 60 hours the 11g of Nottingham already has it down to 1.020! All that to say get the $40 burner from Home Despot.

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Feb 2008
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I've cooked indoors on gas and electric, and outside on a propane frier. There is just no comparison IMO: outside frier rocks. Crank it up so you get that rewarding jet engine roar...

I do all my brewing and bottling outdoors.

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Aug 2008
Arlington, WA
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you will be able to boil that much water on an electric stove but it will take a long time. I tried it once and it took me almost an hour to get water from room temp to boiling. When you consider you have to heat up the water for the mash and boil that is a lot of added time.

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