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Jan 2006
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Why make apple jack when we can get cheap apple brandy from the store?
Why brew cider when we can buy Woodchuck at the store?
I never met a homebrew I didn't like.

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Originally Posted by OdinOneEye
This may be slightly off topic, but not really
I've had this on again/off again discussion with my dad regarding vodka/everclear/what have you- would it be illegal to distill the excess water from that, thereby increasing its alcohol percent? There would obviously be no danger of any nasty alcohols/bad oils, since the liquor company already handled that back in the initial production...

What say you?
Home distillation is illegal. Whether what you are doing is dangerous or not has no effect on the legality of it.

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Aug 2007
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Originally Posted by OdinOneEye
Why make apple jack when we can get cheap apple brandy from the store?
Why brew cider when we can buy Woodchuck at the store?
I don't really understand the point of your questions. I think you are referring to my post where I mentioned that the risk of freeze distilling is the same as putting grow lights in the attic, and I gave my 2 cents in response to someone asking "how would the feds even know?" I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like you are reading my post as saying people should not distill because they can buy brandy, which I never said. Please, go back and read what I said in context if this is what you thought that I meant. My point of asking, rhetorically, why someone would want to distill when they can buy a better quality brandy for very little is to point out that some brewers, myself included, and every homebrewer I have talked to have thought about distilling because of the challenge of it -not for the quality. That is not an absolute with everyone- it's just my 2 cents based on what I have heard. I did not intend to suggest that because someone can buy cheap apple brandy, there is no point in distilling. The reason not to distill, if you decide not to, is the legality of it. If you go back and read my post, I think it's clear I was giving my opinion that the risk with distilling is that many of us want the challenge of doing it to say we did it, and the risk in getting in trouble stems directly from telling people. I pointed out that the cheapest apple brandy will be better than freeze distilled hard cider (which will have concentrated fusel alcohols and methanol) to support my statement that my motivations to consider freeze distilling were for the challenge- not for quality- and if you do something for the challenge/thrill of it, then you are more likely to talk, and consequently, get caught. This is in direct response to the question that was asked- "how would the feds even know." Yes- it's a long shot-but that is how the feds would theoretically know. I can tell from experience that no one shows their still/grow lights or whatever to their enemies. Those who get busted, get busted because of "friends."

I'm an attorney, so that is how I looked at the question that was asked. When someone asks about doing something illegal, if I respond, and even if I do it somewhat anonymously on a message board, I will say that you shouldn't break the law, and you could get caught even if you think you won't. There are ethical rules that actually say that's the answer I'm supposed to give (more or less), and even if I posting anonymously, that is pretty much how I think of these things because of my career choice. I also took an oath saying that I'd never advise a person to break the law, so that's where I'm coming from.

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Oct 2007
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Originally Posted by Trean72
I read about water distillers. Can't you just use one of those? Freezing sounds a little too complicated. I'd much rather pour some hard cider in a water distiller and have apple jack instantly. Don't know if that's actually possible though.

I'm actually trying that out tonight, don't know how it's going to work out!

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For the love of beer!
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Originally Posted by Nan
I'm actually trying that out tonight, don't know how it's going to work out!
Cool, admitting committing an offence out in public and in writing.
Come on guys.

Using HBT to discuss illegal activities in theory is one thing but stating you are going to commit an offence is just dumb.

Forgive me if you live in a place where it is legal.
Have a beer on me.

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Jul 2007
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bad Orfy... don't bite the noobs...

bad noobs... don't admit to illegal activities on a public forum, thus leaving yourself wide open for getting bit...

bad me... no more drunk posting for you...

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Dec 2008
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Check out the Guide to Self Sufficiency. This recipe should work perfectly if you live in a four-season area where winter gets nice and cold and begin sometime in September or October.

His recipe goes like this:
1. squeeze a bunch of apples and put juice in buckets
2. let ferment rapidly over night and cover to avoid fruit flies (they carry the vinegar yeast)
3. scoop off the pulp and drain liquid into a carboy
4. add 2 pounds of sugar (in a simple syrup form) for every 5 gallons of juice and a few teaspoons of brewers yeast
5. place an "air release" top and let ferment for one to two months depending on temperature. Less time for warmer weather. It takes about 4 months in cool weather, about 60 degrees F.
6. Siphon into tubs and cover. Set outside if it is winter. Otherwise find some freezer space.
7. Ignore for several days.
8. Then take inside and use a strainer to scoop out all the ice.
9. Taste and adjust flavor with more simple syrup. 5 gallons of cider turn into a little more than half a gallon of apple jack.
Add about 2 cups of simple syrup. The result will be an alcohol content somewhere around 30-35%. Just enough to get you drunk but not enough to burn on the way down.

It should be delicious "in theory"

Simple syrup: One part water, two parts sugar

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Dec 2008
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Theoretically, A centrifuge separates ice from liquid nicely. Commonly known as a salad spinner, one would just place a cloth, maybe a clean bandana, in the spinner bowl, place the aforementioned liquid / ice combination in the bandana, fold over the corners, and spin it. Check separation by the color of the ice. When it looks "white', separation is as good as one can theoretically get it. refreeze the solution and repeat until ice no longer forms. Theoretically, this would result in a liquor with a thicker "mouth feel" and a traditional "burn" when imbibed.


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Dec 2008
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Wouldn't it work nearly as well to put a bandana in a jar, then pour the liquid in over it? Do it quickly enough, and you'll catch ice but let the liquid through. And you won't be imparting energy to the mix, so it'll stay frozen longer.

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Here is a thread that should have had the dignity of a decent burial.

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