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My first batch (a simple amber from a kit) fermented for 2 weeks and was then bottled. It has now been in bottles for 23 days. I tried one about a week ago after refrigerating the bottle over night. It was a bit bitter but had a good foamy head and good head retention. Overal I was really pleased but I decided to let it go a bit longer since from what I gather from other threads, the bitterness may mellow a bit and give me an even better beer.

My question... how long should the bottles be refrigerated before serving? Is there any further aging / carbonation / settling that happens in the fridge that needs time?

Also, if there is an extended period of time which bottles need to be refigerated, how can you tell if you aged room temp long enough? I mean, if i take a beer that aged at room temp for two weeks then put it in the fridge for two weeks, how can I tell if I needed to room temp age longer or if I needed to cold age longer? BTW my 'room temps' have been running 66 to 69f lately.

Thanks much

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Carbonation only realy happens at warmer temps, so your beer won't get any more carbonation durring the time you leave it in the fridge. I don't think that there is much flavor that would change over a few weeks at fridge temps. The critical period for bottle conditioning is how long you let it sit at room temp, that is where your carbonation comes from.
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I Thought Once You Throw It In The Fridge The Yeast Stops Working(especially Ales).keeping At Room For As Long As You Want Is Ok. I Usually Know If Im Gonna Crack A Few I Throw Them In The Night Before.
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