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Sep 2008
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I brewed my third batch today, Dude's Pliny Clone. I'm outside brewing after the rain passed and the sun came out. I started with a 4 gallon boil and it got rolling good. After throwing my 6th ounce of hops in I took off for a few. I come back and start stirring things around when I noticed a black speck. After further investigation I pull it out and see that its a fly. Normally that would totally gross me out, but since there was a boil I could only laugh cuz the heat should kill any bacteria on the little bugger. Anyone else ever had a fly in their boil? How about a leaf? I got one of those too! I noticed that I had alot of boil off which brings me to another question, how much of a boil should I have? Just barely boiling or heavy rolling boil?

Anyhow, this will be my final extract brew unless I get the itch in dead of winter and decide to freeze my heiney off brewing outside. I'm an apartment brewer and I don't have an enclosed area to brew in so I guess I just have to start making equipment to brew AG when the weather breaks.

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I've had flies land in the foam of my chilled wort twice before. Just picked em up with my spoon, no problems yet.
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During the yearly Ladybug invasion they end up everywhere. They usually show up around Oct 1 & leave when we get a really good hard freeze. I've had leaves fall into the pot, the dog licking the ball valve, flies inside & out, gnats in the airlock.

Even found a few gnats & a ladybug in an airlock inside my chest freezer. I have no idea how gnats & ladybugs could survive, number one the cold in there & all the CO2. I put a fan on it to mix before I stick my head down in there to pull our carboys.

It's hard to infect beer.


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I have what I refer to as "Sweet Bee"'s show up when I brew.

They check out everything and sometimes get a little too curious around the sweet things and meet their death.
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