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Originally Posted by Jamo99 View Post
I've got that vibrations book, the thermo book on the left, and the how to brew book.
I have his Yard Sale Inventory!

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just off the top of my head......

Stephen King / Richard Bachman (SWMBO loves him)
Orson Scott Card
Chuck Palahniuk
Allen Steele
John Grisham
Papazian, Palmer, & Calagione
Frank Herbert
Jack Higgins

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I have eight book shelves comprising about 200 linear feet of books. The non-fiction runs from "The Principles of Tantra" and "The Mind's I" to "Domestic Revolutions" and "The Bell Curve" to "Solar Design in the Built Environment", "Quantum Theory" and "Chaos". Plus brewing books, woodworking, computer-related books going back to a vintage Lotus 123 V1.1 manual and DR-DOS 1.0.

Fiction is mainly SciFi, including a first edition of The Foundation Trilogy that I purchased used when I was 6. It's all of a year older than I am.

And an 8 foot closet full of boxes of books.
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Originally Posted by Bourdon View Post
I have always thought that you could tell a lot about a person by the books on their bookshelf. Here is a pic of my bookshelf in my office. Lets see yours!

Is that "Advanced Engineering Mathematics" by Grossman and Derrick? I took ODE's and PDE's from Derrick and used that book. Its a keeper.

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Bernie Brewer
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Lessee here......

War thrillers:
Stephen Coonts (several)
Tom Clancy (several)

Macabre thrillers:
Stephen King (several)

Police/courtroom thrillers:
Phillip Margolin
Karin Slaughter (several)
Cody McFadyn

Historical thrillers:
Dan Brown
Raymond Khoury

Historical Narratives:
Shelby Foote- Civil War narrative
David McCullough- 1776
Charles Lindbergh- Spirit of St Louis
James Bradley- Flags of our Fathers

That's what I have here. The rest are still at SWMBO's place.

Yep. I like to read.
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Aug 2008
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Always good for a laugh
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Picking Winners
Trading For A Living
Access 2002 For Dummies
Designing Great Beers
The Four Quarters of Horse Investing
Mastering The Trade
Harry Potter (book 6)
Calibration Handicapping
Modern Pace Handicapping
Sharp Sports Betting
McMillan On Options
The Ginger Man
Harrington On Hold'em
Stick And Rudder
Private Pilot Manual
Cessna 172S Information Manual
Cessna 172N Information Manual
A Confederacy of Dunces
A Song of Ice and Fire (all four volumes)
A Patriots History of The United States
Kinky Handicapping
Thoroughbred Form Cycles
Beer School

These are actually in the boxes next to my bed until we get a new bookshelf. Many more boxes of books in the garage.
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Light Reading;

Handbook of Sound Engineers, Ballou, 2nd & 3rd ed
Sound System Engineering
Noise Reduction, Baranek
Noise and Vibration Control Engineering
Video Demystified
Master Handbook of Acoustics
Audio Systems Technology
Communicating Effectively

Edgar Allan Poe, Unabridged
Book of Guys
Edward Goreys Haunted Looking Glass
Woe is I
War and Peace


Radical Brewing
Complete Joy
Homebrewers Companion
Designing Great Beers
Brew Like A Monk
HomeBrewer Garden
Homegrown Hops
How to Brew
Brew Ware
New Brewing Lager Beer
Principles of Brewing Science
Wild Brews

Various Math textbooks.

My absolute favorite = The Humane Interface

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Originally Posted by Redskins838891 View Post
Several chuck palaunik book
I've read all his stuff. The new one (Snuff) sucks. The rest are awesome.
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Originally Posted by dibby33 View Post
...is that book at the far left for what I think it is for. These things are getting more and more advance as time goes on.
Yeah. Thats my job. I design and test vibra...... just kidding! Nice post tho.
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