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I haven't brewed in awhile, so I am not necessarily the best resource. But, I do fully believe in brewing unique beers that are not the norm.

I would read up on acorns as a food and look at how they are prepared. I have never eaten an an acorn, but like other nuts, I imagine they wouldn't be too bad if roasted.

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Dec 2010
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Haha after watching the show I too am interested in brewing a acorn beer.

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Pair the acorns with spruce tips for bittering and you can brew like a true mountain man.

I want a taste!

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Originally Posted by LakewoodBrew View Post
Pair the acorns with spruce tips for bittering and you can brew like a true mountain man.

I want a taste!
That's exactley what I was thinking after watching the show last night.
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Old 02-14-2011, 03:48 AM   #15
Feb 2011
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I saw this show and have two 40-year-old oak trees in the front yard. Here's the plan I have been thinking about.

Harvest a boatload of acorns.
Leach tannins with water, changing water a few times a day for a few days.
Dry acorns.
Roast acorns.
Rig some kind of oil press (oil content between 5 and 31% depending on species)
Mill acorns into meal.

I haven't brewed in a while and I've always stuck to traditional recipes with very few adjuncts. I think the farthest I've gone from straight barley/hops/yeast/water was a Belgian White I did a few years ago. My inexperience in certain areas leads me to a thought.

If you were to brew a beverage (not sure if it would still be called beer) using acorns as your only source of sugars, would you need to malt the acorns before roasting? If that's the case, I would think you could do that after leaching but before pressing out oils. The next question I would have is sugar yield, then use that to figure out the quantity you would need to hit a target gravity.

I can't wait to fill a few buckets with acorns and try it out.

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I will echo what erik said. White Oak acorns are much less bitter than red oak. They are almost palatable when compared to red oak acorns which are completely, totally, bitter beyond belief.

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Old 02-14-2011, 04:40 AM   #17
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the acorns from the white oak are definitely best ie lowest in tannins(this is why the white oaks are the best to hunt around early in the season, the animals don't like the bitterness of the tannins anymore than we do). i would also think that if you froze them. then tried to malt them would be the best way to minimize the tannins and oils present in them.

i have a serios mix of red and white oaks in my yard and every 2 yrs i get a bumper crop from them since the reds take 2 seasons to mature and drop their nuts. as such i get a lot of deer in the yard late at nite during the winter pawing up the frozen and by now less tannic reds.
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Old 11-24-2011, 02:30 AM   #19
Nov 2011
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Saw the same thing got me thinking. Here is what im going to try. Im going to take the acorns from my ront ward and wash out the tannins. Then im going to slow roast them to take out most of the fat. Im going to crush them and do a quick char on them. Im going to mix them with some caramel malt grains and then sttep the two in my mash. Dont know if its going to be any good bt m thinking I can make a decent amber or red beer like this. Maybe some crushed chocolate too. Let ya know if its any good.

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Old 12-06-2011, 01:13 AM   #20
May 2011
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I watched "how beer saved the world" and I'm interested in your research.

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