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So next week is TANTHB, and I'm going to be gathering with many of my fellow brewers in a parking lot behind an LHBS to brew me a batch of beer...away from my precious beersmith, OR the greenbay rackers mash temp calculator....

So I'm going to be in a parking lot, on November 1st, in Michigan 5 days after what is supposedly going to be our first meeting with snow who the heck knows WHAT my grain temp will be...

So what is the actual formula for calculating strike water temp based on grain temp, and the desired mash temp?

I usually just take the temp of my grain bed, enter numbers on the greenbay rackers site, then walk back an heat my to the temp I'm told...So what is the formula that the calculator uses to tell me?

I need to mash @ 158 degrees btw.....
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I find it is usually good to shoot for about 20 degrees above your desired temp, so 178, this will give you a relatively thick mash and if it doesn't get up to temp you can always add more hot water and thin the mash out. The mash thickness is the variable you will loose out on without the exact control of temperature calculations.
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Hey noob, read How to Brew!

OK, I will be more helpful:
Strike Water Temperature Tw = (.2/r)(T2 - T1) + T2
r = The ratio of water to grain in quarts per pound.
T1 = The initial temperature (¡F) of the mash.
T2 = The target temperature (¡F) of the mash.
Tw = The actual temperature (¡F) of the infusion water.

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Revvy, I'm kinda flabergasted I have to give you this link:

How to Brew - By John Palmer - Calculations for Boiling Water Additions

EDIT: Damn you 'Rific.

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I have a suspicion this is going to degrade into the pick on Revvy thread. The math skills required are 7th grade algebra, not genius.
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Originally Posted by Beerrific View Post
Hey noob, read How to Brew!
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