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I usually make my own recipes, but have been stung in the past when I'm trying a new style for the first time. So now, when I'm doing a new style, I'll use BCS as a guide. I usually won't copy his recipe exactly, but close enough. Then I'll see how it turns out and tweak it from there if necessary. His Southern English Brown Ale, which I've had on tap for awhile, is simply sublime. The Special Roast malt in there was sheer brilliance! I've got several beers based on his recipes in my brewery now. Spiced holiday ale, Munich Dunkel, Rauchbier, Flanders Red, Strong West Coast Amber, Belgian Golden Strong. All those were new styles to me, so I turned to BCS for guidance. And so far, all of them are awesome.

I recommend to anyone out there who is trying a new style for the first time to use BCS as a guide and tweak it from there. It's better than going through 2 or 3 iterations of bad beer first...
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I have been quite happy with all of the JZ recipes I've used.
So far I've brewed & drank the American IPA twice, Nutcastle twice, ESB and the Robust Porter, which is my favorite beer I've brewed.
I have in process a Lambic & two Belgain Blondes (using different yeasts), the Dry Stout & a Scottish 70.
JZ's book says he aims for 6 gal in the kettle at the end of the boil & puts 5.5 gal in the fermenter, and transfers 5 gal into a keg after fermenting.
My current setup has a 5 gal max in the kettle (using PM), and I put all 5 gal in the fermenter, so I adjust all recipes by 5/6ths.

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fat x nub
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I have done his strong scoch ale and it is still in secondary. However, all my recipes are inspired by his. Brewing Classic styles is awesome
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Thinking About: Tripple Bock, Chocolate Stout, open to suggestions

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Is this guy serious??:
Originally Posted by papabeach1 View Post
so barley is a leaves of hops? or barley is a different plant? and blend with hops? I need that to be cleared thanks..

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I don't think I have brewed any of his recipes exactly, however many of my recipes have been strongly based on the ones in his book. It is a good way to get any idea of what a recipe for a particular style should look like.
I have done a RedRocket that was based on his recipe, however mine ended up varying quite a bit due to substitutions and some unexpected efficiency issues with my mash. Still was delicious.


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I've done the Robust Porter 3 times now.The third time we did it (2 weeks ago) was at a HBT Meetup (Maryland Brewday). I loved it so much the times I did it, that I felt the need to share that particluar brew with the rest of the group.

One guy even put some chocolate in it to make it a little 'different.'

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I've done his cream ale "Weed Feed and Mow" and also "Jamil's Extra Yellow" - both were very good.

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I have not used any of his recipes but his show on Brown Porters convinced me to add some brown malt to my recipe.

You should bring some of that to the meeting next month StunnedMonkey, everyone liked Mad Anthony's Imperial Red.

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Originally Posted by Tonedef131 View Post
I have not used any of his recipes but his show on Brown Porters convinced me to add some brown malt to my recipe.

You should bring some of that to the meeting next month StunnedMonkey, everyone liked Mad Anthony's Imperial Red.
If I make it out there I'll definitely bottle up a couple. Of course, when I said it reminded me of MA's Imperial Red, I didn't mean it was as good as MA's Imperial Red. Just so we're clear.

I've got a Northern English Brown (not Jamil's) that I might bring as well for a little feedback. I'm a new brewer and I've never had anyone knowledgeable sample my efforts.
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Displaced MassHole
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May 2008
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I brewed his American Amber that he wrote about in BYO, turned out great. Only took two weeks to float that keg

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