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Jun 2008
Beaverton, OR
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Tonight I was on my way home from visiting a friends and decided a beer sounded good. I remember my malt liquor drinking days as a young lad in high scholl and decided, how about a few Mikckey's 22's. Well the Plaid Pantry did not have them so Instead of buying a decent micorbrew like I should have, I bought 2 tall Steel Reserves. Now I am not saying this is horrible beer, but after the other microwbrews I have tried and the homebrews I have made, this stuff just seemed rank. I drank them anyways, fighting off the urge to puke and got myself a nice little buzz before it's time to go to bed. I have to say that these are not the best but they are cheap and if you are in a pinch and would like to get druk real quick these could be your ticket.

I am going to go back to homebrews for now, I have a couple chilling in the fridge as I write this, to mellow out the rancid 211 flavor. Mirror Pond clones, and while they may be an extract brew, they are pretty damn tasty in my opinion.

We are having a party celebrating the arrival of two new babies in the families on Sunday, one for a cousin and one for my sister. It's not really a shower all men and women are invited. And I still have a case of the mirror pond clone I brewed a couple months back, I bet it will be a hit. Had I known sooner I might have been able to put together a strong ale or even a lager if my brother in law would have let me borrow his fridge for a few weeks. But I did not think that far ahead so Mirror pond it is. I need a good Holiday time brew for this year, one baby is due to arrive in mid november and the other in mid December. SO after reading this horrendously long post, which I am sorry for. Do YOu have any susggestions for a good brew for me to make. I want to be on time this time so the quicker the better. And think Holidays! I want to impress the family this time , no more boring ales and pale ales which I have done just fine with since I started brewing. By the way, this is my third brew. Okay folks. Have at it!!!

Thank you for reading, I will truly be humbled and excited to seee what you have come up with. I have not brewed a batch for a couple months now because I could not come up with a decision, or Because I did not have the funds.

Anyways thanks in advance and an early Happy Halloween to you all!!!!

P.S. I am drunk as I write this, so please excuse grammar, the english language, or anything else that may sound silly to post. and BTW, I don' t have the all grain equipment I need quite yet, I hope to aqquire some throughout the holdidays, but this has to be an extract bactch.

Happy Halloween!!!

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Jul 2008
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Its ok to say the steel reserve tastes like microwaved turds. It does. Don't ask how i know. It will however get you drunk at flank speed. If you ever end up homeless thats the stuff you buy with the money you scrape up.
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Nov 2008
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I have tried many beers in my day but the horror stories I have heard about Steel Reserve have kept me clear of this beverage. I drink the Beast Ice on a regular basis due to its cheap cost and high alcohol content. I can only guess that if you are drinking Steel Reserve you would be drinking it for the same reasons, and not to have a nice beer with dinner. Maybe soon I will take on this challenge and then regret it the next morning.

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Dec 2007
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Steel Reserve is the most horrible thing I've ever put down my gullet. We used to chug that **** in college as a sign of manhood. Personally I'd rather have my nuts stepped on. I have not qualms in saying that is the worst fermented beverage in history.
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