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Jan 2008
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I'm looking for an alternative to FlavorActiV. I'm trying to get people in my brew club into recognizing different characteristics / off flavors of beer and heard of the FlavorActiV product. When I went to the website I found that the prices are ridiculously expensive, too expensive for my brew club of 15 (almost $200 for shipping and handling for the Acetaldehyde sample). I was writing to see if anyone knows of any other alternative products offered that are a little bit cheaper. We are a new club and we are trying to get people into recognizing off flavors and characteristics of beer, but we canít afford $200 per sample. Any insight will help.

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I've got a batch of TOO HOT FERMENT that I'd send you. And a batch of what happens when you last minute decide to full boil an extract batch without adjusting hops....Shipping cost and a 6 pack of each is headed your way!

Oxidation should be easy enough to duplicate. Have the club brew it as an event. Do an extract SmAsH, 1 or 2 gallons...and shake the hell out of it before you bottle. Once you've tasted it...You'll never forget it.

DMS...Do a nice Pillsner SmAsH Boil With the lid on for like 45 min.
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In Randy Moshers book Radical Brewing he has a section on off-flavors and how to duplicate some of them by common additives. Check that out. It would be a start. I am sure your members must have some off batches as well. Everyone experiences it at some time. Trick is having someone who can pinpoint it and then label it.

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Check out the BJCP Exam Study Guide on the BJCP website. It has a great guide for doctoring beers. I've tried to cut and paste it below, but it didn't come over so great.


Guidelines for Doctoring Beers
Flavor Adulterant Quantity
Sour/Acidic USP lactic acid 0.4 ml (1/3. tsp of solution of 1/8 tsp lactic acid plus 3/8 tsp distilled water)
Sour/Acidic White wine vinegar 3/4 tsp
Bitterness iso-hop extract 1 or 2 drops, to taste
Sweetness sucrose (table sugar) 1/4 tsp dissolved in 1/2 tsp water
Astringency Grape tannin 2 tsp. of solution of 1/8 tsp tannin dissolved in 5 Tbsp water
Phenolic Chloroseptic 0.4 ml (1/3. tsp of solution of 1/8 tsp Chloroseptic plus 3/8 tsp distilled water)
Clovelike Clove solution Make solution of 8 cloves soaked in 3 oz. of beer and add liquid to taste (about 4 tsp)
Sulfitic Potassium metabisulfite* Make solution of one tablet dissolved in 3 oz. of beer and add to taste (about 1/2 tsp)
Alcoholic Ethanol 2 tsp (increases alcohol by 2.7%). 3 tsp vodka may also be used
Sherry-like Dry sherry 3/4 tsp
Nutty Almond extract 0.1 ml (1/8 tsp of solution consisting of 1/8 tsp. almond extract plus 5/8 tsp. distilled water)
Papery/Stale N/A Open bottles to air, reseal, and keep at 100 F or warmer for several days
Winey White wine 2 Tbsp
Diacetyl Butter extract 4-5 drops
Estery Banana extract 6-7 drops
Lightstruck N/A Expose commercial beer in green bottles to sunlight for 1-3 days.

* Should not be tasted by persons with asthma or sulfite allergies.
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I would suspect the most common of the off flavors would be pretty easy to produce in a basic brew. brew up a few small batches of just base malt and basic hop and yeast. things like excessive fermentation temps, oxidation, infection, skunking, carmalization, ect should be able to be isolated with care.

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Jan 2008
Pendleton, OR, OR
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thanks for the input guys

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