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Mar 2007
The Middle of NJ
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On any given day, how much in ounces do you consume? I love the taste and the effects of coffee. I am probably around 24-32oz or 3-4 standard sized cups myself ...

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Jun 2006
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Too much. I don't know how many ounces are in a pot, but usually it's about a pot just for myself. I like three mugs in the morning while checking email, then I can wake up.
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Oct 2008
Columbus Ohio
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A lot. I drank a pot today by myself. Of course I started this morning at about 7.30 and just had my last cup at 2.30. So that may not be too bad.
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Sep 2007
Odenton, MD
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I drink maybe 12 oz (max) about twice a week. I've only found one or two coffees that I really like; most leave a gross taste in my mouth after I've finished them. I'm a black tea person, the stronger the better, and that is definitely my preferred morning beverage.

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Jan 2008
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I start my day with 2 canned doubleshot's, chase that with a big cup o black. Now, as the weather cools more and more my taste for hot drinks will heighten.

On the coldest of days I find that I don;t stop drinking coffee until I get a caffeine headache.

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Jun 2008
Nashville, TN
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I only drink home-brewed coffee that I grind myself. Everything else tastes like crap.

I generally have a cup a day. Any more and I'll be overly shaky or starving to death by 10 AM.

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Chappell Brewery
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Jul 2008
Mariposa, CA
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Maybe 3 cups a year. Just never got into it. I even have a small coffee company a couple miles down the road.

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Old 10-21-2008, 06:44 PM   #8
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Aug 2006
Charlottesville, VA
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So much, it's criminal. I'm a f*ckin freak about it. I get locally roasted gourmet sh*t, keep it in foodsaver containers in the fridge, and grind it just before brewing. On weekends, I french-press, on weekdays I drip. I'll sometimes throw some espresso in there for a "redeye", or just a shot on its own, or an americano. I love it all.

In all, I'd say I drink a total of about 4-6 cups a day on a normal day. I think my trusty travel mug holds 3.5 cups, and I have another cup with breakfast. Sometimes I'll have some in the late afternoon too. It's my addiction, and I loves it.
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Dec 2007
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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I am at about 5-6 cups a day, I make mine at work in a Kuerig machine on a 6 oz setting. It is a nice mix between a coffee and an espresso.

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Nov 2006
Central PA
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I used to drink quite a bit of coffee. Then I got a small coffee pot for my office, and it was downhill from there. I was making about 2 or 3 small pots during the day. Eventually I started always having a sour stomach. So I stopped drinking it altogether, and the sour stomach left. I switched over to Tea and mostly drink that, although I will have maybe 3 or 4 cups a week nowadays.
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