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Default Giving this another shot...

My last attempt at brewing was almost a year ago... and it was a complete failure.

To be honest, I haven't even tried one of by beers since about February because the taste was so horrendous that I am suffering from the post traumatic stress disorder that I endured when I took that first gulp. I put one in the fridge this morning and will try it tonight to see if hell has frozen over and it tastes better.

I've identified (in my own mind) a few places where I may have gone wrong.

1. I bought the kit from a wine/beer making store in Jersey... the only one for miles... and in retrospect, I have no idea how long those boxes have been sitting there. Somethning tells me not too many people brew there own beer in northern jersey... but hey, I could be wrong.

2. The dry yeast packet may have been old or was not properly activated. I say this because I don't think the yeast did their job properly. After about 2 weeks I moved to a secondary glass carboy and had to install a blow off hose because for the next 3 days I had MAJOR foamage coming out.

3. The affirmentioned blow off hose let air and bacteria in? It didnt look like a super tight seal, but I could be wrong.

4. Something went wrong when bottling - although when I tasted the "beer" before I bottled it, the horrendous ass-like taste was already present.

Maybe the yeast wasnt done doing its thing - who knows - but I'll know more tonight when I take a VERY SMALL sip.


That being said, I'm going to try again. I just put an order in for an American Amber Ale from Northern Brewer. I know these kits are fresh so hopefully I won't have any issues.

My goal this time around is to keep it simple. Let it do its thing in primary for 3 weeks then bottle it. I am taking the Secondary out of the equation to minimize the risks (unless you guys/gals think thats a bad idea).

Finally - my main question:
I have a 6+ Gallon plastic bucket and a 5 gallon glass carboy. If I use the bucket with the airlock, I'll let it do it's thing for the 3 weeks, transfer it to a bottling bucket and bottle it. I obviously won't be able to visually monitor it. If I use the 5 gallon glass carboy, I'll have to use a blow-off hose (which I'm a little afraid of) and when the blowing is over, switch to the cap and airlock. Then transfer and bottle after 3 weeks, but I'll be able to see the whole process and at least have the piece of mind that everything is proceeding as planned.

Which should I do?


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Honestly I would just stick to the boil temps and times, be 100% on your sanitation and then forget about it. Don't stress it. I know myself I feel about 100 times better about the Bavarian Hefe recipe I just bottled last night because I ran out of bottles and stole a mug of wort lol. Tasted MUCH better than the coopers I did when I used a small bucket to ferment. I have high hopes for this one, now I shoved the bottles in the closet and im not going to think about it for another month.

I'll pass the time by starting my Dunkelwiezen.

Good luck!!!

Ohh and to answer your question...I have a 6 gal better bottle and didn't need a blow off. Mine was a wheat beer too so I don't know. If you decide to use the blow off tube just leave one end in a cup of sanitizer. No problem at all!! Also, be sure to keep the thing out of light and you should be good!

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Buy a 6 gallon better bottle . In your case, i'd go with the bucket. Follow the Northern Brewer recipe directions to a "T" and RDWHAHB.
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I would say keeping it in Primary in the Bucket for 3 weeks is a great idea. I usually ferment for 2 solid weeks, letting the yeast clean up after themselves does wonders for the flavor.

Also, the two most important things to preventing off-flavors (aside from just using good ingredients, but you have that covered this time) are proper Sanitation and Temperature Control. Make sure all equipment in clean and sanitized, and then ferment at the proper temperature for your yeast selection (60-65* F, in your case)
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Honeslty it sound like a sanitation issue. sanitize every thing, use a charcoal filter for chlorine. Watch some you tube vids, watch good eats brewing episiode.
Get a bewers best kit or something like that. Then start brewing. make sure you have a whole day office
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Default Tasted the beer again...

So the beer definately was not as disgusting as it was 6 months ago, but it's still not drinkable. I honestly can't describe the taste, but I'm going to try.

First of all it doesnt really taste like beer. To me it tastes like the wort smelled when it was boiling, if that makes any sense. It's got a VERY fruity taste, but a very bitter after taste.

When poured into the glass it looks great. Color is nice, and its got a nice head - which it didnt have the last time I poured one.


Pale Ale (First Brew Ever) - not drinkable.

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OMG! I think I found the problem!

The post right above mine "IPA tastes like cider? " might explain it. He is having the same problems I am having, and come to think of it, the temps in the closet where I fermented stay around 73 degrees, which means the temps of the actual fermenter (and subsequent fermentables) must have been much higher. If higher temps release "esters", which are fruity off-flavors, then that may have been the problem all along! It was too hot! Damn!


Pale Ale (First Brew Ever) - not drinkable.

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