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Sep 2007
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Either to pay off part of my credit card or student loans, OR to buy stuff for my wedding that would have gone on the credit card.

But I think (as it seems most Americans do, regardless of party affiliation) that it is a massively stupid thing for the govt to do.

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Jan 2008
Richland, WA
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My SWMBO works for a Russian native that lived through two depressions in Russia and apparently he said that in a depression salt and cooking oil greatly increase in price, so if I get another stimulus check I'll be buying salt and veg oil and selling it at a premium to buy more grain and hops.
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Originally Posted by Zymurgrafi
wow, tha more I drink, tha more cohernet you all are!
and stufffff.

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Feb 2008
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1/2 to bills...1/2 to brewing...prolly make my sculpture and get some grains.
Seriously. I'm here for BEER
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Oct 2006
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Buy a gun like I did with the first check.

Bought a Sig p250. I think i'll look into a 1911.
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Sep 2008
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50% to savings account, 50% to Big Green Egg Fund.
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Jun 2008
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Pay off an old medical debt that's been harassing me for over a year.

I thought insurance was supposed to pay it, but my employer switched carriers and didn't tell us we'd be insurance-less for a month. 6 months later I get a bill in the mail for $800. Been mailing them constantly telling them I'll start making payments as soon as they agree to take it off my credit report. So far, nothing.

Now I call my insurance company before I make ANY kind of appointment.

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Nov 2006
Central PA
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Originally Posted by bernerbits View Post
Now I call my insurance company before I make ANY kind of appointment.
Well, sometimes that even isn't enough. I have been through this type of crap where the hospital/doctor said "Yeah that'll be covered" and ended up getting billed. Insurance companies suck, my method (and I don't recommend this, but I got fed up) is to wait until I actually get a collection notice for medical bills. Too many times I have been double billed, improperly billed, etc.
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Jan 2008
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half will go to swmbo (not married) other half will be mine to do what i want with.
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bad coffee
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Jun 2008
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I haven't filed taxes in 3 years. I'm not getting any stimulus. And the US Gubbamint doesn't have my money in an Intrest-Free loan.

If I did get a check, It would go towards the new laptop.

Originally Posted by GilaMinumBeer
Why do you think they choose that path? (.)(.) = $$$$$$$$$
Originally Posted by Zuljin View Post
Wtf was chasing you for an hour? Buy a gun already.
Originally Posted by AZ_IPA View Post
I'm a meat hunter. PKU.

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