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Boar Beer
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Mar 2008
Central NH, NH
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I am trying to get my friends to bring me some big beer bottles.
Is there a list of beers that i could recommend to my friends to buy so i could get the bottles.
I have some old 40 oz bottles (I think they were Black Label) which i really like
A cheap 24 oz beer that came in a reusable bottle would be nice

Any help given would be great


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Ale's What Cures You!
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Jun 2006
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I don't know of any cheap 22 ouncers, but I like the Stone bottles and Rogue bottles. The only problem with them, is they are permanently etched like Corona bottles.
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Sep 2007
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Get a bench capper and you can recap any bottle easily. I have recapped many a twist off bottle with a wing capper. Just give then a shake to see if they seal.
maybe i'll post an ad:

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Apr 2005
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The Amazing, new 'speed bottling technique' !

Gentlemen, beer and ale must be either bottled or kegged.
Think of all the different size beer bottles you have seen in your life.
One day I will be set up to keg a whole batch, 5 gallons.
Like in one big bottle.
On the other hand however
12 oz bottles while optimum from the user standpoint,
are way slow to bottle!
'50 bottles' can be reduced by half by using 22 oz bottles
as I proved the other night bottling up my first batch
of the cool, weather brewing season.
22-24 bottles are half as easy to wash, sanitize, rinse, fill, cap, and retire to the brewery, as 50!

To take this truth further,
I drink beer and ale.
There's no denying it.
I mean a gallon a day is a bit much but 9-10 beers is not unusual.
I mean I am the boss!
In other words what I need is bigger bottles.
Is there a 33 oz 44 oz 55 oz bottle?
A half gallon jug with 'a hole' the size of a beer bottle?
A quarter gallon?

Boys, this is what we need!
If one doesn't exist, lets make one!
A bottle which would last me for my entire 'before dinner drunk'.
Or a 'watch a movie drunk'.
A little one for the 'after coffee drunk', a 22 oz'er is perfect here.
An after dinner drunk!
The 'great bigg-un', half a gallon'er, at 65 oz's !

I think, I am really onto something here !
Big bottles would reduce bottling time,
by, however big the bottles are.
5 gallons...
12 oz'ers 46 bottles !!!
22 oz'ers 22-24.
44 oz'ers 11-12!
88 oz'ers 5-6 bottles to fill!
Hell! That would be done in...
well, see, I'm already done!
Faster and cheaper than bottling or kegging!

Is that cool or what?

J. Winters Von Knife

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Old 10-19-2008, 02:31 AM   #5
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Feb 2008
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Carta Blanca, tecate, etc, come in recappable quarts. Also, American champagne bottles are very robust and cappable.

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Old 10-19-2008, 02:35 AM   #6
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Sep 2007
Dexter, MI, Michigan
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+1 on Tecate (32 or 40 oz - I can't remember).

22 oz bombers from Rogue, Stone (like Yooper said) plus Blue Moon (if you're into their beer - I'm not), Kirin Ichiban, or a variety of microbrews come in 22's.


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Sep 2008
Williamstown, MA
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Find any event with "Champagne" that's too cheap to use imported champagne - nice 750mL (25 oz) bottles that will take a good deal of pressure, and you can usually get the cases to go with them. The non-imported (USA view) uses the standard sized crown cap. I guess you can get bigger crown caps and a matching bell to use on french bottles. Or you can go expensive and use the mushroom corks, but you don't need to, and the corker is a major expense.
Re-filling the pipeline - got a lot of brewing to do.

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Old 10-19-2008, 02:38 AM   #8
Nov 2007
Atlanta, GA
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Guiness Extra Stout
"Retail is for suckers."

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Jan 2008
Eagle NE
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I use Red Stripe bottles (pain in the ass to strip the paint, use starsan, and soak for a couple weeks), and german Heffeweizen bottles for larger bottles that are brown. The Corona bottles, and Sol bottles are good for 24 to 32 oz bottles that are clear, easy cleanup, a week or 2 in star san to remove paint. I use brown bottles for beer, and clear for apfelwein, and plan on using for small wine/mead instead of corking/buying setup for 750ml wine bottles.
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Aug 2008
Camano Island, Washington
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I get 22's of Pyramid Heffeweizen for $1.50 or $2. Not the best beer, but good enough for the price to drink to collect the bottles.
"Science + beer = good!"
-Adam Savage

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