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Sep 2008
Windsor, CA
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So seeing the discussion in "Beginners" on making Bud Lime clones and being astounded to see A-B mentioned without a string of epithets following I have decided to fess up to drinking crap beer. During summer I like something cold and innocuous to chug when I get home from work and fire up the BBQ. At these times my choice is always Miller High Life.

Whenever I've tried Buttwiper (people leave it after parties, honest) I get a hangover without actually getting drunk. Coors, MGD, et al all taste like ass. I do like an occasional Corona, but the thing with High Life is it's super cheap, doesn't get me drunk if I consume three in as many minutes and really doesn't taste enough of anything to be bad.

So what's the lowest credibility brew you actually enjoy consuming when the occasion is right?
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Jan 2008
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My cheap grocer go to's;

American Ale, Killians Red, Genessee Cream, PBR, Grolsch Blonde, and in a pinch at a restaurant Guinness DS.

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Aug 2007
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Kwanesum Chinook Illahee
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Oct 2007
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Call me an EAC if you want, but the "lowest cred beer" I enjoy consuming would probably be Widmer Hefe....BMC has NEVER and will NEVER be seen in my house. I don't drink it, never have, never will.

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Oct 2007
Middletown, De
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The only one that I refuse to drink is Corona and Corona Light. I would rather eat the ass out of a dead skunk than drink that. Wait actually isnt that what you are doing when you drink a corona?

Aside from that the only one that I actually ever buy is miller lite and thats just for parties and beer pong. That is when im not playing Patron pong.
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Sorry, I am sworn as a mod to disagree with the above statement. But as a rational person, I do agree.
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I was wrong

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Nov 2007
East Dundee, Illinois
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I really enjoy the high life commercials.

I should try some miller high life sometime.
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Old 10-17-2008, 09:07 PM   #8
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Jan 2008
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I'll drink absolutely anything. I'm a f*cking pig. I would drink Rosie O'Donnell's p*ss if it came in a ring pull can.

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Old 10-17-2008, 09:08 PM   #9
Aug 2007
Gainesville, FL
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Yuengling. Regular BMC makes me gag, the flavor is not enjoyable to me at all. I'll have some ice-cold Yuenglings occasionally when I'm feeling cheap.

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Old 10-17-2008, 09:10 PM   #10
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Mar 2008
the Desert, CA
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All BMC tastes pretty much the same to me, so if there's nothing else, that's what I'll have.

I classify the following as just being above BMC, and I'd rather have these:
Killians Red, Yuengling, Dos Equis
Primary 1: pale ale
Primary 2: blondie

My mid-century modern keezer build thread.

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