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Originally Posted by BigKahuna View Post
Boy=4, Girl = 8.
I thought that for $160 the dual screens made sense. Only one movie at a time though.
Do they like the same movies? I imagine it has dual headphone jacks as well?

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I have a cheap a$$ white trash Digital labs brand portable dvd player that I paid 50 bucks for last year on one the friday after turkey day sales at some big box store that I'm too drunk to recall which.

And it works great for lying in bed watching movies...and occasionally I borrow an LCD projector from work and hook it up to my little dvdplayer to project movies on my 12 foot high loft walls...And it looks great!!!

The point being, having worked most of my life in television/video production, I've found that Digital is digital, you don't really need to drop big bucks on a dvd player, especially if it's gonna be strapped on the back of your car seat so your wee bairns can watch disney videos while you haul their asses to one god forsaken historical landmark that you think is cool, but they think is boring, after another.....

Just go to your local grocery store and buy two of whatever cheap ass portable DVD players they have on sale next to the charcoal grills...the one's for 35 bucks apiece, make sure they have headset outs (most do nowadays) so you don't have to hear their brainwashing signals...if they don't have the back of the seat hangers included...just get a roll of velcro and play mcgyver....unless your kids are cineophiles, they won't notice any loss of digital fidelity in their Barney episodes....

Save the extra scratch on some big name portable dvd players...for brewing!!!

Abd if they wanna watch the same movie, hit radio shack for one of those mini headphone splitter jacks so they can each plug their headphones on...they run less than 5 bucks.

I'm just watching my brewin brotha's back here

You'll prolly kill me knowing that I'm druck on Bud American Ale, which is now on tap at my neighborhood post hockey game sports bar for a whopping 2 bucks a pint....and surprising taste awesome on tap....But forget about this breach of EAC-ness...and trust me on the DVD tip...I started working for TV stations and video production companies when I was 16...so despite being druk on cheap a$$ed wannabe micro brew knockoff from the dreaded macros....I know video!!!

(somehow I know this screed is gonna end up on the memorable quote's thread....But who cares...I'll be doing bed spins on a 10 dollar BMC druck tonight, to make up for the fact that my hockey team got their asses handed to them.)

Night y'all.....

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I picked up on of these last year and it works great. I'm going to get a second for my daughter.

I just bungie cord it to the head rest works perfectly

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