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Old 10-15-2008, 07:03 AM   #1
Jun 2008
Sydney Australia
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I couldent find somewhere to post so landed here.

So how is one to duplicate a whiskey like Dimple for instance (My favourite)

I believe it is possible to ferment sugar with a high alcohol tolerant yeast and after stilling the ferment adding a suitable flavouring.

Also I have been reading of a membrane still process. Has anyone anything to offer in regard to info?.

Whiskey has a huge position in the scheme of things. For without a small dram there is no need for a chaser. Now we all know that a good homebrew makes the ideal chaser.

I guess as Whiskey is actually distilled beer without hops I am after comments on procedures.

There must be a few drunken bums out there like me who likes alternative poison

Come on cough up--- Contacts Links Recipe's etc.

Also anyone who has a still for me let me know I will supply an address. It will not cost you much I live just outside Sydney not in the outback. Think of me as your new Aussie mate. It could also be a way of ridding the world of another Aussie B-@~^#D. Maybe I blow myself up with it who knows.

So if you want to adopt a pensioner I am available. I will send a photo and write often provided you supply stamps.

Anyway excuse the humor, did I say I make bloody good beer, blame it on that. Actually I will blame it on you guy's as your methods that I have adopted (There is that name again) have improved my efforts out of site.

One thing for the first time in my life the other morning I woke up and my first thought was the delectable taste of a Lager I had the previous night.

Shows I am getting old it used to be on how I was going to get my wife in a favourable mood that everning. Ahhh! how ones priorities change.

A Recently Convicted TAD User

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Dec 2005
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This isn't going to end well....
There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

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Sep 2008
Lewiston, ID
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Dear God. Toj. we so think alike. was your daddy a travelling man?
Not talking in the masonic sense mind you.
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Jun 2005
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Try this site.
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Dec 2007
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In before the lock!

Old 10-15-2008, 02:51 PM   #6
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Oct 2007
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Before this gets ugly, I just want to point out that he is in Australlia and I dont know but distilling may be legal there. If it is legal and its not some kid just trying to get drunk I dont see what would be wrong about it.
Originally Posted by Yuri_Rage View Post
Sorry, I am sworn as a mod to disagree with the above statement. But as a rational person, I do agree.
Originally Posted by Randar View Post
I was wrong

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Nov 2007
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Hi! I like your enthusiasm for beer and whiskey (which I share). Unfortunately it is illegal in the US to distill and since this is a US forum this thread will probably be locked. Please do look into the other sites on how to distill though, I hear it is a fun process. Don't let the locking of this thread get you mad, they are covering their legal butts.

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Feb 2008
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Originally Posted by wildwest450 View Post
In before the lock!
Post Whore!

I'm in too!

OH...And New Zealand is the only place it's legal.
Seriously. I'm here for BEER
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Jul 2008
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Still not locked!!!! WOOHOO!!! To bad it's illegal here. man i could piss SWMBO off drinkin whiskey all the time!

and yes. i am an aspiring post whore!
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Jun 2006
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I think it says in the laws of HBT that you aren't to speak of such things. Good luck though.

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