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Okay, okay, it took me forever to get these suckers boxed up and shipped, but they finally went out and should have arrived today. Post any critiques here - on the beer, that is. Not the tardiness of the exchange.


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Due to a bad seal only one bottle was drinkable. As I said via PM Rhoobarb, it's not important but I just wanted to let anyone else who reviews this beer to know that you need to wait. I was so anxious to try this brew that I didn't even consider the fact that it was brewed later than the rest of ours and needed some aging time.

Appearance- Pours near black with a thick, long lasting head. Even after mine was chilled one day the foam wanted to creep up out of the bottle (almost like a mild gusher infection, but with no off-tastes). Although a bit extreme, if I could get a head to come close to what I saw, I'd be stoked. Did this beer have viagra in it?

Aroma- Dark roast malts, metallic bitterness

Flavor- Strong dark coffee roast, with an even higher level of intense hop bitterness. This is why I recommend waiting, the malt and hops need time to blend. I feel like I did Rhoobarb a disservice by not waiting. The beer was very imperial IPA like.

Mouthfeel. Tingling hop bitterness masked everything else, I can feel the alcohol now as I type this.

Overall- I'm not going to give you a standard score. In some ways I enjoyed the hop bitterness, because I've never experienced nothing like that in a RIS before, but to grade according to style would be difficult. For the other swap recipients, WAIT!!

I think a few months is going to make a big difference with this brew. Again, I enjoyed it in my own way but it was nothing like it has the potential to be. Sorry Rhoobarb for not waiting.
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i got mine, rhoobarb. i'm going to let it sit for a whiel before i drink. for reference: what date did you brew and bottle this?
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Originally Posted by DeathBrewer View Post
i got mine, rhoobarb. i'm going to let it sit for a whiel before i drink. for reference: what date did you brew and bottle this?
I brewed it in April. IIRC, I bottled it mid-June. So, it's been four months. I think this stuff will be ideal in December, but that hasnn't stopped me from drinking some already!

I had one last night that had been in the fridge for about three weeks. I found that this stuff is a bit overcarbed. It was the first time I had bottled anything in awhile and that is probably all my fault. I let it sit for a few minutes to warm and that seemed to make a difference - I didn't get the tingly carb bite. Was more smooth and drinkable.

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Ignore me. I'm a RIS gnome, just bumping this thread. Some people, see, have the forum to not show posts older than 1 month. This leads to them thinking that their post was deleted - when in fact, it is just hiding from them. Just like this RIS gnome is hiding from you.


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