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Sep 2008
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hard to decide.

Metal ---> King Diamond/Mercyful Fate.
Awesome live shows and albums are always well produced. The King IS King.

Progressive Metal ----> Tie: Fates Warning & Redemption
Prog Rock ----> Kansas
Thrash ----> Anthrax
Loudest ---> Spinal Tap
Freaking cool and under appreciated ---> Mudvayne. Lacuna Coil. Five Finger Death Punch. Straight Line Stitch. Type O Negative. Pist On. Armored Saint.

Whiners ---> Metallica.
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Nov 2006
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Has anyone seen the "top 40 metal songs ever" on VH1? *puke*
Guns N Roses was like in the top 2. LAME!!!!!!!!!!


For metal lovers out there (obviously there's 5 pages full of us) - check out a local favorite of mine. (Monty - you're local - you may know them).

Look up "Beyond The Scar" on myspace (lame - but that's how they have a free website)

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Old 10-11-2008, 01:53 AM   #43
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Jun 2007
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4th for Maiden.

I thought these guys quit when I stopped listening to them in high school (late 80s). They're getting a 4th or 5th wind thanks to being involved with the 'guitar her' video games. Now they have TRIPLE guitar harmonies! Seriously, I went straight from these guys to bluegrass and new acoustic jazz - there's a 'quality' thread going on there.

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Jun 2007
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I prefer punk to most metal, but I can't believe I haven't seen more people mention Anthrax...


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Oct 2008
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I saw this thread, and my first thought was "Motorhead". And shame on my spellchecker for not having it in its vocabulary.
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Originally Posted by Rottnme View Post
Now on the Megadeth... Sorry guys but I'd take them over Metallicrap any time now. Whoever told James he could sing should be hunted down and beaten like the bad dog he is.
I know nothing about singing, but my wife is a singer and musician. She believes Hetfield is an excellent singer. Take that for what it's worth. She's into Chris Cornell and guys like that, so I think she knows her stuff after 15 years of voice lessons.

And, tell me, whoever decided metal, good singers and harmonies were mutually exclusive.

Slayer, color me stupid but I just don't get it.

Thanks for bringing up Anthrax. Great stuff.

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Old 10-11-2008, 05:34 AM   #47
May 2008
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I saw slayer and lamb of god once in the same night now thats living! The whole next week I drove 95 MPH and wanted to run things over. God hates us all come on thats good quality family time.

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Old 10-11-2008, 05:50 AM   #48
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Apr 2008
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Megadeath is bad ass all there albums are good including the last 5 that noone has heard of

i have seen them in consert 4 times and met dave once
dave is cool and much better than james
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Nov 2007
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When I think metal I want to hear machine gun drumming- killer rifs and hardcore melody-

Lamb of God
I killed the Prom Queen
36 Crazy Fist
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Originally Posted by Tenchiro View Post
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Jun 2008
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+1 on Pantera! I hadn't listened to them in awhile...

talk about all great albums (except for their last one!)

What ever happened to Phil? He was in another group for awhile, but then I haven't much from him.

And poor dimebag....

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