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Joe Camel
Mar 2008
Charlottetown, PE, Canada
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Originally Posted by david_42 View Post
Mine was at a brew club meeting where one "beer-hating" woman had so much of my Mild, that her BF insisted on getting the recipe.
Why was there a "beer hating" woman at a brew club meeting? Chaperone?
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Dec 2007
Wichita, KS
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Had the meter guy come by while I was brewing the other day. He was asking a bunch of questions (do you have to make it whiskey before you can make it beer ), and I asked if he wanted to try some. I gave in a glass of Ed's Haus Pale Ale. He said "thats not to bad" in a suprised voice. First complete stranger to try my brew, I was pretty proud.
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Aug 2008
Burlington, VT
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I got pretty pissed at my buddies girlfriend (who I am not that big of a fan of to start with) last weekend. She works in a brew pub so she "knows all things beer" and my step sister tried my beer and said "Hey that’s pretty good" and my buddies girlfriends response was "Really!?!?! You like it?!?!?! wow"

So I said geeze don't sound to surprised that someone actually likes my beer!

She then went on to try and make it better but she had already pissed me off (did I mention that I am not that big of a fan of her??? )

Supposedly she just doesn't like bitter beer
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Dec 2007
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Originally Posted by BigKahuna View Post
SWMBO said (just tonight as I fed her a sip of Kolsch-ish)...Your beer is really growing on me!
Is that a compliment? If you stand still long enough mold will grow on you too.

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Reverend JC
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Jun 2006
Your Mom's
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At a pre-wedding party for my sister this last summer i poured 20 gallons of home brew while half of the coors light was left untouched.
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That was a huge unspoken compliment.
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Here's Lookin' Atcha!
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Sep 2007
Houston, Texas
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Congratulations! Compliments are great!

I remember a law school buddy of mine, who was a sworn Miller Lite drinker, having one of my beers and saying "That's some damn good beer, Doakster. It's no Miller Lite, but that's some damn good beer." I was deeply flattered. I was even more deeply flattered when he had another. He had brought some Miller Lite with him.

There is no greater compliment that someone coming back for more.

Beer is good for anything from hot dogs to heartache.

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10th-Level Beer Nerd
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May 2006
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Ray McNeill, never afraid to let you know what he thinks, one of the best commercial brewers that no one really knows, asking me for a second pint of my APA.
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Jul 2008
Asheville, NC
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a buddy of mine (a sammy smith devotee) said that he liked my brown ale BETTER than sammy smith.. than any of it. he even told me, "you need to make a living out of this. you gotta start up a brewery somewhere, cause this sh*t is delicious"

i dunno if it was just the novelty of the homebrew or what, but i was deeply gratified by the comment

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Bernie Brewer
Grouchy Old Fart
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Feb 2006
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Originally Posted by Grinder12000 View Post
I normally expect Lite drinkers to LOVE my beer or HATE it. So those guys don't count for me. It's YOU GUYS!!! that I work on.

Lite drinkers are like people that have eaten ONLY plain white bread all their lives , nothing else and you give them a P&J sandwich. They will LOVE it or HATE it.
You are a wise man. BMC drinkers, for the most part, cannot be converted.
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Be good to your yeast...
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Jun 2008
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At my party, SWMBO's boss comes up to me holding her third (or fourth?) pint of YooperBrew's cream ale, gives me a hug, and then says "I don't usually like darker beers".
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Originally Posted by Soperbrew
big brother only monitors facebook and untappd

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