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Hi all;

I'm planning on installing a weldless bulkhead in my keggle and I plan to drill a hole in the keg with a 7/8 inch holesaw.

I just saw this set of holesaws on the Northern tool website:

FREE SHIPPING — Northern Industrial Tools Deluxe Hole Saws — 3/4in. Dia. to 5in. Dia., 16-Pc. Set | Hole Saws | Northern Tool + Equipment

I realize that these bits are on the cheap end of the spectrum, but the price is really good (free shipping too!) and I can't justify buying a more expensive set since I don't plan to use these bit frequently.

Will they get the job done and get me a hole in my keg?

I'm looking at the set instead of individual bits as I'm also planning on installing some deadbolts in my house in the near future.

Any thoughts/opinions? (on drilling the keggle with these bits, not installing deadbolts

edit: Thanks for the help!

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Those do not appear to be for metal. They wont work you need fine tooth bi-metal blades to drill SS
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I've never done it, but I don't see it going well. Knowing what I know about cutting stainless, I doubt a hole saw would fare well.
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Those won't work.

You need a step drill bit.

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First off, if you're going for a standard 1/2" NPT bulkhead, you want a 3/4" holesaw rather than 7/8". Holesaws tend to rip a slightly bigger hole than they're rated for, and also leave rough edges. Once you clean up the rough edges with a dremel or similar, it'll be just about right for the fitting. My stainless pipe nipple was a nice friction fit.

And yes, you DO want to be using a bi-metal holesaw that's rated for metal. I used a Ridgid brand 3/4" holesaw from home depot.

Originally Posted by schneemann View Post
I've never done it, but I don't see it going well. Knowing what I know about cutting stainless, I doubt a hole saw would fare well.
Originally Posted by BierMuncher View Post
Those won't work.

You need a step drill bit.
I have had some bad experiences drilling stainless, however the hole I did for my weldless valve with a holesaw was not one of them. I was actually shocked at how well it went - the pilot bit took a long time to go through (might be worth pre-drilling the pilot hole with a cobalt bit or similar), but the holesaw itself went through the stainless like butter. The hole cleaned up easily with a dremel and I'd say it was a resounding success overall.

There is a DIY for it over at the green board:

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Ace Hardware or any box store will have 3/4" BIMETAL hole saw for about $8 - $10
a step bit will cost about 3 or 4 times that.
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I picked up a Bi-Metal Hole Saw from Lowes and it worked fine for my weld less fittings. If you are doing a bunch the step bit will hold up longer, but for 2 or 3 holes and some oil you should be fine.


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Originally Posted by BierMuncher View Post
Those won't work.

You need a step drill bit.
X2 Go get a step drill. It will be much easier, and there is no chances of it slipping and making an oval hole.

If you have a Harbor Freight near you, you can get one cheap and just throw it away when you are done.
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+1 on the step drill. It also automatically de-burrs the hole so you don't have to clean it up at all. SO worth the extra cash. Plus it works really well on plastic as well.

Be sure to use some oil when drilling.

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Dec 2007
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I used a hole saw. It worked but I didn't like how it seemed to walk around and make a bigger hole than what it was supposed to make. It worked out because I used a 7/8's and then opened it up a bit with one of those grinder bits that go in a drill.

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