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I made a batch of crab apple jelly yesterday, canned it, and today it appears to have not gelled. First time that's happened. So, I was about to reprocess it with pectin, and got to thinking about fermenting it instead. I've got several carboys of mead going in the basement, so I have a little experience with home brewing. My question is: Can I take this failed jelly, the ratio of "apple juice" to sugar is about 1c juice to 3/4c basically I have about a gallon and a 1/2 of crab apple syrup, and made wine or mead out of it?? Add something tart, grape, or lime, or something, and make a passable product?


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You can indeed make a good wine or mead from jelly. Here's a recipe for a wine I made 3-4 years ago that turned out pretty good.

Country Jelly Wine

1 gallon

3# lbs jelly or jam (I used a combination of fresh home made jellies purchased at the local farmer's market. apple/apricot, raspberry, wild plum, wild mulberry, rhubarb)

6 pts water
1 lb sugar
2 tsp acid blend
1/8 tsp tannin
1 tsp nutrient
1 tsp pectic enzyme
1 campden tablet
1 tsp bentonite
1 pkg Montrachet yeast
OG 1.00 +-.05

Mix jam or jelly with cool water and all ingredients except yeast. Be sure to use hydrometer because this recipe proved too sweet and I had to add water to get the SG down 1.05. After 24 hours add hydrated yeast then cover primary fermentor. When SG reaches 1.040 (5 days or so) rack over 1 tsp bentonite into a one-gallon carboy (I also added a small amount of red grape concentrate mixed with water to top off secondary at this point). Attach airlock.

I allowed mine to sit for 5 weeks before racking again on another campden tablet and more water to top off. Bottled two months later when it cleared.

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