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Apr 2008
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SWMBO has been sick for the last week (has a form of Lupus & gets colds, etc easily...) and I went grocery shopping by myself after work today. While I was there, I stopped by the bakery to inquire about plastic pails. They girl there frosting a cake, said they get a couple sizes and that they just toss them in the recycling. She said they had a few empties around and that if I wanted them she would wash them right away. I finished my shopping, checked out and swung back by the bakery to pick up:

The large ones are 15L and the smaller ones are 4L. They all have lids but no seals. Due to size & lack of seal, they won't work as fermenters, but will make for good storage and fluid transfer. The best part is the price!
Originally Posted by MyNameIsPaul View Post
We make beer in buckets with toilet parts and coolers.

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great score
i would love something like that for my grain.
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I wonder how hard it would be to add some kind of gasket to the lids for those... Could be a project for someone around here.

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when swmbo and I were shopping around for wedding cakes I asked the lady at one of the bakeries if they had any extra frosting buckets, and sure enough, they did. I scored two 3 gallon pails. I am not fermenting in them, but from my short 9 months of homebrewing experience, you can never have enough buckets.
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Due to size & lack of seal, they won't work as fermenters
Don't discount them as fermenters just yet. A tight seal actually isn't necessary- germs can't climb. These could work for experimental batches.

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May 2008
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I am currently doing a small batch of beer in those types of buckets. I made the hole and attached a blow off tube, but it wasn't necessary. The seals allowed the CO2 to escape and so far it smells great! Plus, they fit nicely in a regular cooler, which keeps the temps stable and with the lid closed most of the time CO2 fills the cooler for more protection. Win Win!

Free buckets
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bad coffee
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Great score!

if you wanted to, you could run a thin bead of food-safe silicone around the inside lid, and let it dry.

A word of caution, though. Silicone and plastic don't stick together well. So you might end up with the gasket falling out.

Does Mc Master have o-rings that size?
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Jun 2008
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Talk to summersolstice. He ferments wine in this.

It's a trashcan, bungee cord, and what looks like a t-shirt.
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Originally Posted by will_cbe View Post
Talk to summersolstice. He ferments wine in this.
It's a trashcan, bungee cord, and what looks like a t-shirt.
+1 Fermenters are very flexible things. As long as the plastic is roughly food-grade, then nothing bad should come of it. Same with airlocks, they're nice, but not completely necessary - as long as airborne bugs and wild yeast can't fall into it, it's technically good enough.

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Yeah I don't understand where this " fermenters must be air tight" came from and why so many people think it's law. The only time you would want or need it to be is if you use pressure (like co2) to move or rack the beer and if you are going to balk age the beer for a long time it's nice to have it sealed but still not a big deal if it's not.

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Its nice when you and your friends have comparable equipment.
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some people will tap anything that has a hole.
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