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Apr 2008
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I know I'm being paranoid, and it's quite a common practice, but doesn't throwing something unsanitized into our fermenting (or nearly finished fermenting) beer fly in the face of one of the first rules homebrewing?

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Well...some things to consider...If you are dry hopping from a sealed package, more than likely the pack is somewhat sterile.

At the point of dry hopping (in secondary) you are adding it to alcohol...alcohol kills germs....

Hops are one of the best antiseptics/preservatives known to man...they were added to preserve beer, not to spoil it...That pretty much means that you should be okay.

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Revvy is correct.. the alcohol will kill most things, thats why you add it to the secondary after most of the fermentation is complete. However if you still worry some you can sanitize the package ( assuming its plastic ) with a spray of StarSan prior to opening it and dumping into the secondary.

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Brewing Clamper
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Apr 2006
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RDWHAHB... I dry hop a lot and I've never had an issue...

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No worries....

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Originally Posted by BierMuncher View Post
No worries....

Beer is good for anything from hot dogs to heartache.

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Jan 2006
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I've never had a problem, but I worry about DH with home grown hops, for some reason.

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Old 09-25-2008, 03:46 PM   #8
The Blow Leprechaun
Jun 2008
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I have only dry hopped once, and it was the only batch of mine to get an infection (a gusher infection it was).

I don't actually think the dry hopping caused it, but it has made me a little leery.

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Old 09-25-2008, 04:06 PM   #9
King of Cascade
Feb 2008
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The plastic package may be sterile but the hops them self are not. They grow outside and have wild yeast and mold all over them. Most hops are frozen which kills some of the wild yeast and mold but in a low alcohol beer you may have an issue.

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