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Apr 2006
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Hi, i am very new to brewing, and ive brewed 3 batches so far, i need to build up my taste for beer so i want to brew somethgn as close to budlight as possible, slighty beery, mostly watery but alchoholic, any sugestions?

I am currently brewing German Oktoberfest beer right now, SMells very strong!

i have a question though, how do u know if u have a 'bad' batch?
sorry, im very new

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Jan 2005
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I would go with a wheat beer. There are several clones out there do a quick net search for budlight clone. How do you know if you had a bad batch...hmmm well, 1. If its undrinkable. 2. If it smells terrible. 3. Sometimes you can have mold or nasties growing on top not to be confused with tiney bubbles from the yeast finishing up. 4. If you fermented at temps out of range it can cause problems. Its a hard question to answer there are many things that can cause issues with your brew. Just be careful use a good sanitizer I like idophor its so easy to work with no rinse. Dont be so careful that it makes brewing a pain. Anything that touches your beer after it is cooled make sure its clean and sanitized. I have noticed sometimes when I bottle somebrews dont taste so good but after a month in the bottle they are good, then I have had some that were awesome right out of the secondary. Unless its just completely nasty give it some time in the bottle. This is my personal preferance but I dont like malt extract in a can, use the bulk if you can with good yeast and fresh hops. Then go all grain!!! good luck

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I prefer 23383
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Oct 2005
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i have a question though, how do u know if u have a 'bad' batch?
If you open a bottle, take a taste then dump the rest of the batch down the drain it's a bad batch

As for the Bud lite type beer my first reaction was Why? . . .after I thought about it a bit I thought try a American pale ale . . . check out these links they should help

http://www.bjcp.org/styles04/Category6.html - probably closer to what you are looking for
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Apr 2006
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well why i would want to brew bud light type beer

im 20, u know doing the college thing, light tastes the best for the job .. you know

i KNOW as i get older my taste buds will develop and be more adjusted untill then ill stick a little lighter with the flavor

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Dec 2005
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I was surprised to find my son in college likeing the darker
beers myself.

I don't think I would invest the time to clone a Bud light when you
can buy similiar stuff for under $10 a case. IMHO
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light lagers (and Bud Light is in the category) are among the hardes beers to get right as a home brewer. There is not much taste derived from the malt or hops to hide imoerfections during the brewing and especially the fermentation process. To get something like Bud Light you will probaply use malt extract and rice extract. And I'm not sure what kind of hops they are using.

This being said, I second the other replies. You will be much happier if you try yourself on a light ale (Blond Ale, Cream Ale ...) If you don't like it bitter, just go easy on the hops and keep the IBUs in the lower 20s

At what temp is the Oktoberfest fermenting ? Does it smell strong during fermentation or during brewing ?


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Mar 2006
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Just my opinion, but if your in college and looking to pound alot, spend the 9.99 and get an 18 pack. If Im drinking something I spent this long to make, I don't want to be slamming them not even taking the time to enjoy it.

This is OT and kind of embarrasing, but Ill drink Busch Light before I drink Bud Light. Better head, a little more flavor, and better color. Ive done the "Pepsi Challenge" to alot of people. Without showing them the can it came out of, alot more chose the Busch as better tasting. Not to mention its alot less expensive. It's amazing what you'll come back from the store with when your in school and broke most of the time.

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Mar 2006
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First off, you need to be able to lager at cold controlled temperatures, right? Since that's most likely not possible for a 20 year old, I don't think you're going to be able to clone a crisp light lager.

If you do have a fridge dedicated to lagering beer-- then I'd go ahead and agree with everyone else that the time and money you put into making the beer won't be worth it when you can buy the stuff for less.

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Apr 2006
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Dude, don't drink that chit...let alone brew it. You might as well just drink Natty Ice.

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Mar 2006
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The one Pumbaa suggested looked like you would like it. Look for recipies with higher ABV and a lighter body. American Pale Ale is another one to look into. Just find something easy and cheap if the taste isn't important.

I'll also second the Busch being better than Bud. Coors Light is better than both, IMHO. It is hard to beat the price tag of those when brewing yor own. Natty Light was my beer of choice in school - 9.99 for 24.
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